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At CarTakeBack we strive to provide the best customer service that we possibly can. Here's what some of our customers have to say.

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Rating Today 13:32 - Mr Karl Christer, Plymouth

Very easy to follow and understand.

Rating Today 13:27 - Mr Jordan Noble, Bonnyrigg

Was very easy and quick, and there was no complications.

Rating Today 12:31 - Mr Andrew Barnett, Kingston upon Thames

Good service.

Rating Today 10:41 - Miss Francesca Osborn, Nottingham

Good price for my car.

Rating Today 10:13 - Mr James Burnett, Edinburgh

Good website and easy to use.

Rating Today 09:47 - Mr Andy Peeke, Bellshill

Easy to use website.

Rating Today 09:34 - Mr Matthew Chambers, Sittingbourne

Easy to arrange.

Rating Yesterday 22:16 - Mr Ben Moore, Walton-on-Thames

Very easy to follow.

Rating Yesterday 21:24 - Miss Michelle Wilson, Glasgow


Rating Yesterday 21:14 - Mrs Deborah Gomes, Romford

Very easy to use.

Rating Yesterday 21:04 - Miss Kim Ellis, Burnley

Fast and easy.

Rating Yesterday 17:24 - Mr David Doughty, Liverpool

Very easy to fill

Rating Yesterday 16:42 - Mr James McCallum, London

Easy to use quotation serivce

Rating Yesterday 14:12 - Mr Simon Mudle, Ilford

How quick and easy it is to get a quote, took literally seconds!

Rating Yesterday 13:44 - Mrs Anne Knight, Melton Mowbray

Easy and instant quote, no fuss.

Rating Yesterday 13:24 - Mr Thomas Didsbury, Nottingham

Easy to choose options

Rating Yesterday 11:50 - Mr Ian Barr, Addlestone

Nice, easy and professional.

Rating Yesterday 09:42 - Mrs Jeanette Jones, Manchester

Easy way to get rid of car

Rating Yesterday 08:39 - Dawn Fox,

An excellent service, quick, with helpful polite staff.

Rating Tuesday 23:34 - Mrs Maureen Charlton, Billingham

Good, quick and easy.

Rating Tuesday 18:47 - Mrs Yvonne Scicluna, Thames Ditton

Easy, extremely convenient, and a reasonable sum offered.

Rating Tuesday 17:45 - Mr Brian Pemberton, Liverpool

Quick and easy.

Rating Tuesday 17:25 - Mr Owen Anderson, Banstead

Very professional and friendly.

Rating Tuesday 16:45 - Mr Tim Scorer, Nottingham

Very Prompt response.

Rating Tuesday 16:14 - Mrs Laura Pirie, Glasgow

Instant quote. Easy to use.

Rating Tuesday 16:06 - Mr Anthony Ripley, Edinburgh

Quick, clear & easy.

Rating Tuesday 16:04 - Mr Murray Dods, Fairbourne

Easy to use website.

Rating Tuesday 15:35 - Mr Richard Mason, Milton Keynes

Good price and very easy to use web page.

Rating Tuesday 13:26 - Ms Lyndsey Thomas, Tranent

Easy and straightforward.

Rating Tuesday 12:43 - Ms Amanda Hagan, Bolton

Immediate quote.

Rating Tuesday 12:00 - Miss Marie E Oliver, Penicuik

Very easy to follow and complete.

Rating Tuesday 11:12 - Mr Richard Whall, London

The service is quick and easy.

Rating Tuesday 10:26 - Mr Luke Cannon, Braintree

Quick, simple.

Rating Tuesday 10:01 - Mr Robert Ramsay, Glasgow

Ease of use.

Rating Tuesday 09:31 - Mr David Bateman, Hailsham

Very simple instructions and easy to use.

Rating Tuesday 08:40 - Mr Alex Vitali, London

Website is easy to use.

Rating Tuesday 06:45 - Mrs Hollie Dunne, Northwich

Fantastic, quick and easy to use!

Rating Monday 21:41 - Mr Gavin Seamons, Norwich

Easy to follow.

Rating Monday 20:39 - Mr Ian McLellan, Calne

Easy to use website.

Rating Monday 20:08 - Mrs Denise Adams, Cambridge

Simple to navigate the site.

Rating Monday 19:37 - Miss Loren John, Pontypridd

It was very straightforward.

Rating Monday 18:10 - Mr Eric Brown, Edinburgh

Good prompt feedback when I emailed for advice.

Rating Monday 17:33 - Mrs Rebecca Robinson, Hebburn

Very quick and easy

Rating Monday 16:40 - Miss Ann Ball, Rochester

Quick and straightforward to use website

Rating Monday 16:13 - Mrs Surenne Zake, Coalville

Quick and easy

Rating Monday 15:21 - Miss Natacha Moore, Birmingham

Really simple and quick

Rating Monday 14:08 - Mr Jonathan James Diredja, Holywell

Quick and efficient service

Rating Monday 13:38 - Mrs Lynn Palmer Yates, Sutton-in-Ashfield

Used before and would recommend

Rating Monday 13:00 - Ms Michelle Rusling, Worksop

Quick and easy

Rating Monday 12:45 - Mr Henry Swift, Newport

Quick and easy, clear.

Rating Monday 12:32 - Mr Stephen Harper, Johnstone

Easy to arrange and get a quote

Rating Monday 12:26 - Mr Andrew Macdonald, Coventry

Good professional service.

Rating Monday 11:23 - Mr Andrew Ryan, Reading

Clear and convenient

Rating Monday 10:59 - Mr Christopher McDade, Exeter

Ease of use and peace of mind.

Rating Monday 10:56 - Mr Michael Stredder, Nottingham

Online is fast and efficient

Rating Monday 10:15 - Miss Ellen Finn, Reading

Quick and simple

Rating Monday 09:31 - Mrs Deborah Roberts, Dartford

Very Good

Rating Monday 03:36 - Miss Crystal Parris, Edgware

Quick and easy process

Rating Sunday 23:16 - Miss Chanel Lewis, Croydon

It's quick easy and simple

Rating Sunday 19:42 - Ms Idowu Adeymi, London

Efficient and quick.

Rating Sunday 18:49 - Mrs Annmarie Vaughan, Luton

Website is very clear and easy to use

Rating Sunday 16:51 - Mr Brian Ross, Glasgow

Easy to organise

Rating Sunday 16:11 - Mrs Tina Morley, Harrogate

No fuss, easy and straightforward to get an online quote.

Rating Sunday 14:42 - Mrs Kirstie Caneparo, Bushey

Gave helpful advice about how to scrap a car that has had its registration changed

Rating Sunday 13:13 - Mr Alan Robinson, Manchester

Very simple and no trick questions

Rating Sunday 09:08 - Miss Suzanna Hammond, Chertsey

Used your service before which was very good.

Rating Saturday 17:41 - Mrs Eliza Harris, Oldbury

Quick and easy

Rating Saturday 17:15 - Mr Gary Milton, St. Ives

Quick and easy, no complicated forms

Rating Saturday 15:38 - Mrs Sian Karamolegkos, Bracknell

Easy to use website

Rating Saturday 14:41 - Mr Harry Smith, Nottingham

Easy to contact and friendly service

Rating Saturday 13:57 - Miss Fionnuala Killen, Romford

Online chat to answer questions very useful

Rating Saturday 12:37 - Mr Jordan Thomas, Maidstone

Simple and clear website

Rating Saturday 11:44 - Mr Bernard Wood, Folkestone

Good prompt service

Rating Friday 17:34 - Miss Diane Allie, Birmingham

Prompt response to my request

Rating Friday 17:21 - Mr Graeme Connolly, Edinburgh

Very efficient and easy

Rating Friday 17:00 - Mr David Beckett, Lowestoft

Good customer service pleasure to deal with.

Rating Friday 12:37 - Mr Donald Lawrie, Stevenston

Simple, easy to follow, all the information needed. Easily accessible.

Rating Friday 09:52 - Mr Keith Holloway, Birmingham

Quick and easy

Rating Friday 09:47 - Miss Lindsey Shone, Manchester

Easy to get a quote, also helpful on the phone.

Rating Friday 09:35 - Mrs Jennifer Dale, Nottingham

Easy to use

Rating Friday 08:35 - Miss Caroline Rainey, Manchester

The information was correct and Straight forward.

Rating 17th July 23:42 - Miss Juliet Kakono, Hemel Hempstead

A very easy and straightforward way of getting my car responsibly scrapped.

Rating 17th July 22:06 - Mr Paolo Bongiovanni, Bromley

Easy to use website and everything well explained

Rating 17th July 18:53 - Mr colin Oliver, Stockport

Such a simple process, very well automated.

Rating 17th July 18:52 - Mr R Slattery,

The service was brilliant I don't think anything needs changing, keep up the good work.

Rating 17th July 18:46 - Mr stuart beharrie, Dundee

Everything is easy and clear.

Rating 17th July 17:44 - Richard Rogers,

Simple, straightforward transaction. I needed my old car removed quickly. Your service gave me a good price and fast collection of my old car.

Rating 17th July 17:21 - Mrs Susan Micallef, Uttoxeter

Easy site to navigate and instant quote.

Rating 17th July 16:43 - Mrs Hyacinth Fagan, Milton Keynes

very easy and straight forward to completing the details.

Rating 17th July 16:32 - Mr Douglas East, Watford

Easy information on form.

Rating 17th July 15:33 - Mr Keith Swaby, Chatteris

Easy instructions on website.

Rating 17th July 15:30 - Mr Nathan Hinton, Oxford

Website is clear and easy to use.

Rating 17th July 15:27 - ,

Very easy to input data into the website. Phoned to ask about details of an offer and the member of staff was kind and helpful.

Rating 17th July 14:35 - Mr Jose Pacheco, Diss

Easy and pain free to get the quote.

Rating 17th July 14:13 - Mr Jason Hawkins, Southend-on-Sea

Quick quote.

Rating 17th July 12:34 - Mr adrian neal, Norwich

Very easy to complete.

Rating 17th July 12:03 - Mr Joseph Greasley, Bury St. Edmunds

Easy and quick quote which is good.

Rating 17th July 11:50 - Mr Adam Baker, Norwich

Simple and quick.

Rating 16th July 21:44 - Mr Stephen Emery, Waterlooville

Quick and easy.

Rating 16th July 21:09 - Mr Ivan Boggan, Northwich

Easy to follow procedure - very quick to get quote and input details.

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