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Rating Today 15:58 - Mr Bob Gallagher, Thame

So fast, so simple and I got a descent amount. offered me £50. Cartakeback nearly trippled that.

Rating Today 14:03 - Miss Amber Sinclair, London

Quick , easy and convenient.

Rating Today 13:40 - Mrs Karen Williams, Cardiff

Easy and good price

Rating Today 13:05 - Mrs debbie gibb, Edinburgh

Time saving and easy

Rating Today 12:34 - ,

Quick and easy.

Rating Today 11:54 - S. Porteous, NA

My car has just been collected, the collection agent was friendly and efficient, and the price agreed was paid without question. What a great service, I shall happily recommend your company to my friends and family.

Rating Today 10:48 - Mr David Slade, Saundersfoot

Easy to use, time specified for contact, professional feel.

Rating Today 10:06 - Mr Nisar Ahmed, Manchester

Simple to use

Rating Today 10:05 - Mr Lee Collett, Southport

Easy to use

Rating Today 09:59 - Mr Brian Davies, Bicester

Very quick and easy

Rating Today 08:20 - Mr KIRK HAMILTON, Manchester


Rating Today 08:19 - Mr Walter Quinn, Glasgow

Very easy to use on line and best price offered.

Rating Today 08:15 - Mrs Sarah Buttereorth, Wrexham

Immediate quote and alternative locations to deliver car to.

Rating Today 08:06 - Mr ken lynch, Glasgow

You don't have to phone lots of scrapyards.

Rating Today 07:43 - Mr Matthew Burraston, Seaton

It's a quick, easy and straight forward process.

Rating Today 00:09 - Mr Robert Johnson, Sale

Quick, good options for price/pick up

Rating Yesterday 22:09 - Mr Mike Nemrova, Wisbech

Fast and a good price given.

Rating Yesterday 19:58 - ,

Quick and easy to sort out

Rating Yesterday 19:23 - Mr Robert Finlayson, Poole

Easy and understandable

Rating Yesterday 19:17 - Mr John Orr, Troon

Quick and easy to arrange

Rating Yesterday 18:19 - Miss Samantha Moore, Stourbridge

Quick and easy.

Rating Yesterday 18:12 - Mr Graham Beech, Fareham

Very easy to follow instructions on the website.

Rating Yesterday 18:00 - Mr Clifford Almeida, Banstead

Quick and helpful

Rating Yesterday 14:05 - Miss Angelica Wilson, Twickenham

Instant quote.

Rating Yesterday 13:52 - Mrs Lorraine Givens, Kilbirnie

Easy on-line service

Rating Yesterday 13:24 - Mr Andrew Hardman, Preston

Easy to follow step by step instructions

Rating Yesterday 12:25 - Mr Nigel Warburton, Lincoln

Have used your service before and found it to be simple and efficient, with cheerful and helpfull staff

Rating Yesterday 11:15 - Mr Ed Bailey, Manchester

Easy to use and clear instructions

Rating Yesterday 10:34 - Mr Chris Callacher, Grantham

Easy, fast and efficient

Rating Yesterday 08:55 - Ms Jenny Groom, Sheerness

Very clear and precise instructions very helpful and also a very reasonable price offered

Rating Tuesday 22:53 - Ms Maria Thom, Hoddesdon

I was given an instant quote and good to have the option to have vehicle collected from home. I found the website very easy to understand.

Rating Tuesday 19:50 - Miss Marianne Thompson, Burton-on-Trent

Very straightforward and helpful.

Rating Tuesday 13:40 - Mr Andrew Marshall, Truro

Quick and easy, Job done what more could you want

Rating Tuesday 13:10 - Ms Katrina Rose, Sunbury-on-Thames

Super easy, best price and easy to retrieve quote

Rating Tuesday 11:21 - Mr Craig Hunter, Liverpool

Fast and easy to use

Rating Tuesday 09:50 - Mrs Karen Dickie, Bolton

Lady on phone was very helpful. Website easy to access

Rating Monday 19:42 - Mrs Kirsty Harvey, York

Quick and easy

Rating Monday 17:18 - Ms Annette Robinson, London

Clear and concise information. The online chat answered my questions very fast in a re-assuring way.

Rating Monday 17:11 - Miss Hannah Allcott-Watson, Potters Bar

Very easy and competitive price.

Rating Monday 16:34 - Mr Ian Taylor, Guisborough

Very helpful telephone advisor

Rating Monday 15:35 - Mr Christopher Yetman, Witham

Helpful and frendly

Rating Monday 15:15 - Mr John Macdonald, Castleford

Easy to arrange

Rating Monday 14:02 - Miss Samantha Laidlaw, Edinburgh

Service was quick and easy

Rating Monday 13:59 - Mrs Sandra Brown, Lochgelly

How quick and simple it was and same prices as your getting for taking the car to the scrap yard.

Rating Monday 13:17 - Mr James Gibbons, Altrincham

Instant quote, no messing around with confusing emails

Rating Monday 13:09 - Mr David Birchnall, London

Very good, used live chat service.

Rating Monday 11:59 - Mr Josh Ward, Stockport

Quick easy service

Rating Monday 11:15 - Mrs Linda Thatcher, Maidstone

Best quote in the area

Rating Monday 11:05 - Mr Stuart Porteous, Coatbridge

Website simple to use, get instant quote.

Rating Monday 10:32 - Miss Louise Price, London

Very easy to use, happy with the price I have received.

Rating Monday 09:54 - Mr Jonathan Hunter-Kelm, Pudsey

On online help to clarify how the transaction takes place.

Rating Monday 08:33 - Mrs M Moran, London

Very clear questions very well explained

Rating Sunday 14:42 - Mr Lee Boisselle, Banbury

A very professional website, with clear and easy instructions.

Rating Saturday 18:34 - Miss Rosemarie Newman, Preston

Quick and friendly service

Rating Saturday 16:58 - Miss Carmen Moody, Norwich

Very simple website to use.

Rating Saturday 15:24 - Mr Samuel Howard, Stafford

Fast and efficient.

Rating Saturday 12:53 - Miss Katie Gabryszak, Accrington

Easy to use, good price.

Rating Saturday 11:48 - Mrs Sarah Parr, Wigan

Website easy to use.

Rating Saturday 11:11 - Mr Robert Sheldon, St. Andrews

Quick, simple.

Rating Saturday 10:47 - Mr Graham Appleby, Pontefract

Great quote & free collection.

Rating Saturday 10:30 - Mrs Latifat Olofin, Greenhithe

Easy to follow.

Rating Saturday 10:24 - Miss Sarah Matthews, Camberley

It's quick and easy to use and well set out.

Rating Saturday 10:23 - Mr Donald Anderson, Edinburgh

Great service.

Rating Saturday 09:49 - Mrs Julie Pethick, Salisbury

Easy to get quote and good price for collection.

Rating Saturday 09:14 - Mr Crawford Pollock, Glasgow

Easy to use website.

Rating Saturday 09:01 - Miss Maxine Prosser, Bilston

It's easy to use and straightforward. No messing about.

Rating Saturday 08:54 - Mr Stuart Boyes, Crowborough

Easy to use, simple to find out information.

Rating Saturday 08:19 - Mr Brian Taylor, Tunbridge Wells

Simple, quick, straightforward.

Rating Friday 22:47 - Mrs Rose Tiplady, Thornton-Cleveleys

Easy to understand.

Rating Friday 21:18 - Miss Sharon Tribe, Folkestone

Easy site to use. Good price.

Rating Friday 18:17 - Mr Nathan Edey, Luton

Getting paid to scrap my car.

Rating Friday 16:18 - Mr Graham Hawley, Anstruther

Easy to understand

Rating Friday 15:46 - Mr Andrew Hughes, Spennymoor

Very easy to use, hassle free and very easy and clear website.

Rating Friday 15:44 - Miss Emma Brice, Sheffield

Very quick quote

Rating Friday 14:59 - Mr Daniel Casey, London

Quick and easy to use

Rating Friday 12:36 - Mr Mark Richards, Southam

Clear, factual to the point. Up front with a valuation.

Rating Friday 11:30 - Mr steven rainbow, Nottingham

quick and easy

Rating Friday 08:45 - Mr matthew wheeler, Lincoln

Quick and easy, plus the online chat service was helpful.

Rating Friday 07:30 - Mr Martin Bullard, Lowestoft

Easy to use, clear to understand

Rating Friday 02:02 - Mr STEPHEN PARKER, Troon

Fast, simple, efficient service.

Rating 24th July 21:16 - Mr Kingsley Awotunde, Manchester

Fast and relible

Rating 24th July 16:26 - Mr William Gall, Liverpool

Quick and easy; very clear instructions

Rating 24th July 15:16 - Mr Christopher Savill, Biggar

So simple online.

Rating 24th July 15:04 - Mrs Sheryl Smith, Treorchy

Easy and clear to use.

Rating 24th July 14:31 - Ms Roslyn Byrne, Gillingham

Easy to do.

Rating 24th July 13:32 - Mr Karl Christer, Plymouth

Very easy to follow and understand.

Rating 24th July 13:27 - Mr Jordan Noble, Bonnyrigg

Was very easy and quick, and there was no complications.

Rating 24th July 12:31 - Mr Andrew Barnett, Kingston upon Thames

Good service.

Rating 24th July 10:41 - Miss Francesca Osborn, Nottingham

Good price for my car.

Rating 24th July 10:13 - Mr James Burnett, Edinburgh

Good website and easy to use.

Rating 24th July 09:47 - Mr Andy Peeke, Bellshill

Easy to use website.

Rating 24th July 09:34 - Mr Matthew Chambers, Sittingbourne

Easy to arrange.

Rating 23rd July 22:16 - Mr Ben Moore, Walton-on-Thames

Very easy to follow.

Rating 23rd July 21:24 - Miss Michelle Wilson, Glasgow


Rating 23rd July 21:14 - Mrs Deborah Gomes, Romford

Very easy to use.

Rating 23rd July 21:04 - Miss Kim Ellis, Burnley

Fast and easy.

Rating 23rd July 17:24 - Mr David Doughty, Liverpool

Very easy to fill

Rating 23rd July 16:42 - Mr James McCallum, London

Easy to use quotation serivce

Rating 23rd July 14:12 - Mr Simon Mudle, Ilford

How quick and easy it is to get a quote, took literally seconds!

Rating 23rd July 13:44 - Mrs Anne Knight, Melton Mowbray

Easy and instant quote, no fuss.

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