Customer Reviews

All customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on the service we provide.  Here's what you have to say about us:

Yesterday 15:33 - Mr Marc Gilfillan, Glenrothes "Good website best prices."

Yesterday 12:38 - Mrs Angela Curry, Sunderland "How easy it was to put the information get a quote and have the car picked up and taken away."

Yesterday 11:22 - Mr Joe Wakefield, Bourne "Fast and easy!"

Yesterday 11:04 - Miss Dominique Drewe, Bradford "Easy to use site, all questions answered, simple, clear, obvious"

Yesterday 10:06 - Mr Gary Lee, Staines-upon-Thames "Very easy to use and easy to understand."

Yesterday 09:48 - Mr Iain Farrell, Harrow "Very quick & easy."

Yesterday 09:37 - Mr Christopher Smout, Liverpool "Very fast service and hassle free."

Yesterday 09:34 - Mr David Garner, Chessington "Efficient and simple."

Yesterday 09:00 - Mr Mark Chambers, Tadcaster "The ease and speed of it. "

Yesterday 08:41 - Mrs Sylwia Mawer, Wallington "Easy to complete and clear on what's on offer."


Friday 19:03 - Mr Ian Viner, Alton "Very easy & straightforward."

Friday 14:43 - Mr darren hopkinson, Sheffield "excellent like the fact all done on line and you pick up as well"

Friday 07:21 - Mr KEITH SNELL, Rainham "Quick easy on-line process, full imformation supplied."

Thursday 21:47 - Mr Mark Williams, Crickhowell "very professional"

Thursday 18:28 - , "Straight forward and easy to understand process, speedy communication and detailed terms and conditions."

Thursday 16:50 - Mr Jim Brown, Darwen "Hassle free"

Thursday 16:14 - Mr Gordon Ross, Dundee "Simplicity of deal"

Thursday 13:07 - Mrs Betty Storey, Hockley "Quick and easy"

Thursday 09:28 - Ms Sharon King, Sutton "Brilliant"

Wednesday 21:08 - Mr George Smith, Bellshill "Fantastic"


Wednesday 11:33 - Mr Peter Walding, Peterborough "Best price offered and local drop off point."

Wednesday 11:13 - Mr Andrew Gardner, Leicester "Easy to arrange and best price offered."

Tuesday 21:52 - Mr Justin Herbert, Loughborough "Quick, easy and good price offered, very nice website."

Tuesday 18:33 - Mr Brian Hogan, Birmingham "Fast application and easy to navigate around the website."

Tuesday 17:39 - Mr Robert Davies, London "Very simple to use."

Tuesday 17:17 - Mrs Sandra Jones, Church Stretton "Simple to follow."

Tuesday 16:08 - Mr Paul Burles-Nash, Wokingham "Easy to use and good price."

Tuesday 15:25 - Mr George Gibney, Glasgow "Quick and very easy."

Tuesday 14:04 - Miss Debi Ellis, Cardiff "It's very easy website to use."

Tuesday 12:15 - Mr Ciaran Keeley, Deal "Easy to use service"


Tuesday 11:40 - Mr Philip Harrison-Read, London "Speed & efficiency."

Tuesday 10:53 - Mr Paul Howell, Exeter "Very easy and fast."

Tuesday 09:01 - Mrs Alison ONeill, Edinburgh "Fast and convenient. "

Tuesday 04:59 - Mr Tataa thamaga, Nottingham "Site easy to access and quick respond."

Monday 22:25 - Mr Dave Watt, Maidstone "Very prompt."

Monday 21:02 - Mr Robert Michael Foley, Newquay "Prompt and user friendly."

Monday 20:44 - Mr Wayne Shepherd, Ellesmere Port "Easy to use website."

Monday 20:37 - Mr Christopher Whyte, Lisburn "Easy to use."

Monday 20:26 - Mr Ed Topping, Deal "Very informative and straightforward."

Monday 19:50 - Mrs Brenda Davis, Gloucester "Easy to arrange."


Monday 19:43 - Mr Paul Weekes, Saxmundham "Fast and easy."

Monday 19:30 - Mrs Caroline McCormack, Alexandria "Easy to use web site good and quick reply to e-mail."

Monday 19:18 - Miss Helen Taylor, Liverpool "Easy quote online."

Monday 19:10 - Mr Leo Fox, Edinburgh "Very easy and straightforward."

Monday 17:32 - Mr Abiola ogunyomi, Dagenham "Good customer service."

Monday 17:31 - Mr Ross Henderson, Peterborough "Easy and simple."

Monday 11:31 - Mrs Christine Higgs, London "Simple and straightforward"

Monday 11:01 - Miss Hayleigh Burgess, Launceston "Easy to fill out the forms and gives you a price straight away"

Monday 10:58 - Mr Joseph Harrison, Craigavon "Excellent a clear and easy to use. I will tell my friends about this service"

Monday 09:52 - Mr Gary Jewell, Bristol "Fast, convenient and uncomplicated."


Monday 07:08 - Miss Jenni Ross, Blairgowrie "Easy to use and a good way to donate to charity."

16th Nov 20:34 - Ms Eilidh Murray, London "Very simple, easy website to negotiate. Very clear prices and good information. "

16th Nov 16:35 - Mr Cameron Thomson, Prestwick "Used this site several times and its great "

16th Nov 13:40 - Ms Karen Moore, Sheerness "Convenient and quick"

16th Nov 11:55 - Mr Paul Whyte, Wigan "The service was really easy to use and explained everything very well. "

15th Nov 10:35 - Mr Matthew Thompson, Norwich "Very good service. The best price and easiest quote on the Internet. "

15th Nov 09:45 - Mr Hussain Miah, Prenton "Easy hassle free"

15th Nov 09:45 - Mr Alex Haverly, Eastbourne "Easy and Fast"

14th Nov 20:23 - Mr Les Stannard, Reading "Its very clear and simple to use"

14th Nov 13:16 - Mr Joseph Neal, Halifax "Brilliant advisors, very helpful "


13th Nov 19:43 - Mr chris axten, Sittingbourne "straight forward and simple"

13th Nov 16:07 - Mrs Andrea Jakab, Windsor "Very convenient."

13th Nov 15:44 - Mrs Marian Clarke, Stevenage "Prompt response."

13th Nov 15:37 - Miss Janine Collins, Girvan "Very easy to use and price was clear from the start."

13th Nov 14:28 - Mr Eric Dalgleish, Linlithgow "Easy to use web site and prices offered seem to be good."

13th Nov 11:57 - Mr George Pickering, Bolton "Easy to understand and all my questions answered."

13th Nov 10:47 - Mr Lucjan Nastalek, Warwick "Very quick and easy to use service."

12th Nov 22:06 - Mr Steven Mooney, St. Albans "Easy process to follow."

12th Nov 20:55 - Mr John Cusden, Forest Row "Easy, not complicated."

12th Nov 18:32 - Mr Philip Short, Nottingham "Simple and easy website to negotiate, clear and simple instructions."


12th Nov 10:48 - Mr Lee Clark, Enfield "Best price paid and very easy to use website."

12th Nov 10:30 - Mr Craig Perera, London "The website is very easy to use and an instant quote was given."

12th Nov 09:41 - Miss Bernardita De La Cruz, Basildon "Straight forward, Trusted company & well recommended to everyone."

11th Nov 21:51 - Mrs Caroline Bayram, Scunthorpe "Conveinient and simple to use the service."

11th Nov 21:10 - Mr Nigel Turnecliff, Derby "It's really quick and simple to get a quote."

11th Nov 14:22 - Mr amardip vilkhu, Coventry "easy to use, nice quotes, good service"

11th Nov 13:42 - Mr Stephen Dillon, "everything was done quickly with the minimum of fuss"

11th Nov 10:26 - Mr paul mccann, Musselburgh "Very quick and easy"

11th Nov 09:03 - Mr Russell Jones, Lossiemouth "Such an easy and quick process"

11th Nov 08:21 - Mr RICHARD DOWNES, Bristol "Quick, easy and informative."


11th Nov 07:37 - martin Hicks, Deal "Helpful and easy to arrange."

10th Nov 21:50 - Mr Raymond Field, Edinburgh "Fast, efficient and well informed."

10th Nov 17:49 - Mrs Natasha Bond, Bridgwater "Quick and easy to use"

10th Nov 15:20 - Mrs Tracy Judd, Wolverhampton "Simple to navigate website and quick, efficient service. "

10th Nov 11:47 - Mr Paul Pain, Halstead "Very quick and easy"

10th Nov 11:21 - Mr Hasan Elmi, Cambridge "Very clean and easy to use website"

10th Nov 11:00 - Miss Jane Fitzgerald, Sevenoaks "Very Simple"

9th Nov 18:49 - Mrs Karen McDowall, Clydebank "Prompt in responding to the quote & collection. "

9th Nov 12:04 - Mr Adam stephens, Plymouth "Good price compared to other sites."

9th Nov 11:00 - Mr Anthony Allary, Wigan "The web site is very easy to use plus you pay a decent price for my car"


9th Nov 09:13 - Mrs Salma Hussain, Ilford "Straightforward and simple."

8th Nov 20:01 - Mr Francis Conway, Luton "Quick, easy and hassle free. Thanks!"

8th Nov 16:46 - Mr Jakovos Georgiou, London "Straightforward process and have used you before"

8th Nov 14:28 - Mr Mark Stone, Bristol "Easy to use and you can see exactly what you're getting."

8th Nov 14:24 - Mr Terince Mcmanus, South Shields "Fast service."

8th Nov 06:28 - Ms Elizabeth Portland, Amersham "Quick, simple, I have used you before!"

7th Nov 20:17 - Mr James Shipman, Thetford "Used you before. Simple, Quick & Great service"

7th Nov 16:33 - Mr Oliver Johnstone, St. Albans "Very quick and efficient service."

7th Nov 13:03 - Mr Adom David, Reading "Excellent, fast and simple"

7th Nov 12:13 - Mrs Margaret Tillotson, Lytham St. Annes "Simple to use"

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