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All customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on the service we provide.  Here's what you have to say about us:

Yesterday 17:12 - Mr Howard Timberlake, London "Very easy to use."

Yesterday 16:12 - Ms Yve Hansen, Oldham "You have always been clear in your instructions and the website is really easy to use. Your drivers are nice and understanding"

Yesterday 15:11 - Miss Fern Limbrick, Cheltenham "Quick and easy to use. Prompt quote."

Yesterday 14:35 - Mr David Parkinson, Darwen "Quick and easy."

Yesterday 14:02 - Miss Sarah O'Connor, Paignton "Easy to use the website."

Yesterday 13:38 - Mrs Jennifer Pescod, South Shields "Very quick and simple to use."

Yesterday 13:18 - Mr Liam King, Witham "Online pricing has saved time and money. Very happy. "

Yesterday 12:42 - Miss Susan McIntyre, Clitheroe "Easy to arrange online and plenty of information on your service."

Yesterday 12:16 - Mr William Mactavish, Glasgow "Quick and easy to use."

Yesterday 12:15 - Miss Jade Couch, Rainham "Everything is very clear & easy to follow."


Yesterday 12:00 - Mr Philip Hartley, Falkirk "Very easy to use. "

Yesterday 11:46 - Mr Luke Chadwick, Dover "Quick and easy."

Yesterday 11:23 - Mr Andrew Johnson, Chatteris "Easy. All the information is there and have the chat service if you do have questions. "

Yesterday 11:23 - Miss Jayne Usher, Sunderland "Good customer service, live chat very helpful."

Yesterday 11:23 - Mr Michael Waite, Kendal "Easy and fast to get an initial price. Website easy to navigate from a smart phone."

Yesterday 11:00 - Janien Brolls, Beverley "Easy to access."

Yesterday 09:47 - Mr Tom Brodigan, Norwich "Quick and easy to use."

Yesterday 07:22 - Mr Garry Ingall, Huntingdon "Easy to process."

Yesterday 01:23 - Mrs Sandra Spencer, Kettering "Good quote."

Monday 23:13 - Hannah Brady, Liverpool "Very efficient and user friendly. "


Monday 22:07 - Mr Nigel Carton, Bolton "Easy and all online. Best price. "

Monday 21:36 - Mr Daniel Evans, Salford "Very easy to navigate and understand, would recommend."

Monday 21:02 - Mr Colin Bruce, Glasgow "Very quick, and helpful."

Monday 20:14 - Mrs Elin Brock, Aberteifi "Fast and easy."

Monday 20:01 - Miss Sanda Garwe, Leicester "Website is simple and easy to use."

Monday 19:58 - Mr Andrew Price, Grantham "It's very easy to organise."

Monday 18:27 - Mr John Fletcher, Bootle "An easy way to remove old vehicles and good for the environment."

Monday 17:53 - Mrs Lee, Westcliff-on-Sea "Sorting without long winded phone conversation."

Monday 14:03 - Mr Jamie Laughton, Borehamwood "Quick and easy."

Monday 13:40 - Mr Simon Chapman, Chatham "Ease of use and immediate quote."


Monday 13:38 - Ms Bronwen Jenkins, London "Easy and straightforward."

Monday 13:16 - Mr Stephen Maxwell, Attleborough "Speed and clarity of instructions."

Monday 12:23 - Ms Claire Hopwood, Hemel Hempstead "Easy website and clear quotes. Company was recommended by guardian article about how to scrap cars."

Monday 12:07 - Mr Kevin Hughes, Ipswich "Easy to follow information required."

Monday 11:18 - Mr Richard Page, Worcester "Easy compared to other sites."

Monday 11:03 - Mr Paul Williams, Norwich "Speed of response."

Monday 10:32 - Ms Lee Linwood, Dagenham "Was easy to navigate, fast working."

Monday 10:32 - Miss Nicole Pierce, Tonbridge "Straightforward, no messing about."

Monday 10:14 - Mr Scott Coleman, Bridgwater "Easy, step by step instructions. Very user friendly website."

Monday 09:47 - Mr Peter Sherratt, Warrington "Quick and competitive "


Monday 08:59 - Mr Tom Wilkings, Edinburgh "Really quick and informative."

Monday 08:16 - Mr Brian Birmingham, Carlisle "Very easy to use"

Sunday 22:55 - Mr Peter Roach, London "Website is easy to use and quotes are very competitive - Which is what I was looking for!"

Sunday 22:53 - Mr Chris Musajjakawa, Harrow "Simple, quick and effective"

Sunday 13:34 - Mr James McMulkin, St. Neots "Easy to navigate website"

Saturday 13:26 - Quincy Briandt, Chesham "Easy and clear instructions. Very easy to use."

Saturday 11:50 - Mr John Ricketts, London "Clear efficient information from phone contact and didn't have to wait for the call to be dealt with - that's exceptional!"

Saturday 10:56 - Mr Philip Sheppard, Bridgwater "Very easy and no hassle"

Saturday 10:44 - Miss Rhianydd Edwards, Aberpennar "Easy system, very useful"

Friday 20:34 - Mr Michael Gibbs, Brechin "Very easy and smooth"


Friday 15:45 - Mr Milan Pavlovic, Bristol "Very well organized"

Friday 12:18 - Mr Davies Christopher, Rossendale "Easy, fast, no messing. Spot on."

Friday 08:11 - Mr Tony McIntosh, Glasgow "Very easy A+"

Thursday 17:31 - Dr Jethanand Solanki, Romford "Quick quote, easy to use website."

Thursday 16:16 - Mrs Jean Graham, Glasgow "Quick and easy on-line service."

Thursday 13:41 - Mr Spencer Wade, Diss "Quick and easy - getting an immediate online quotation, far better than leaving details and waiting to be contacted."

Thursday 10:48 - Mrs Pamela Whitson, Edinburgh "Website is easily accessible."

Thursday 09:55 - Mr Phil Green, Nottingham "So easy and lots of choice in drop off or pick up."

25th Mar 20:35 - Ms Sandie Bowden, Worcester Park "Website clear, simple, straightforward, easy to use."

25th Mar 20:01 - Mr Gareth Cawley, Ellesmere Port "Very good, only company to actually give a price. all others want a chat on the phone which is annoying."


25th Mar 19:27 - Mr Peter Staniforth, Amersham "Quick response. Quote held. "

25th Mar 17:14 - Mr Ian Barber, Broadstairs "Very professional website."

25th Mar 07:57 - Ellie Mongini, Barnet "Friendly and easy to use website"

24th Mar 17:08 - Mr Alex Rogers, Nottingham "Price, collection, website easy to use, paperwork sorted."

24th Mar 16:12 - Mrs Amanda Fewtrell, Reading "Easy to use."

24th Mar 15:56 - Mr Chris Mitchell, Beckenham "Quick and easy."

24th Mar 15:49 - Mr Matthew Slee, Birkenhead "Simple and fast."

24th Mar 15:43 - Miss Holly Blackwood, London "The whole process had been very straightforward."

24th Mar 14:28 - Mr Paul Crosby, Liverpool "Easy to arrange and instant quote."

24th Mar 14:07 - Mrs Sandra Freakley, Stoke-on-Trent "Quick and easy."


24th Mar 13:05 - Mrs Laura Finnis, Canterbury "Best price, easy to use."

24th Mar 12:53 - Miss Kadijah Fofana, London "Easy to access and broken down well."

24th Mar 11:55 - Mr David O'Donovan, Hyde "Very Fast. "

24th Mar 11:23 - Mr Bruce McConachie, Leicester "Easy to use."

24th Mar 11:17 - Mr Jason Howard, Welshpool "Easy experience."

24th Mar 10:57 - Mr Matthew Simpson, Selsey "Very professional."

24th Mar 09:17 - Mrs Shifra Neuberger, London "Great website."

24th Mar 08:54 - Mrs Sarah Rogers, Carshalton "Simple to use, no nonsense."

24th Mar 08:49 - Mr David Boucher, Linlithgow "Great website. Very clear."

24th Mar 08:46 - Mrs Audrey Johnson, Preston "Everything can be done online so there is no long waiting times on the phone."


23rd Mar 21:40 - Mr Andrew Smithson, Sunderland "Website is easy to use. "

23rd Mar 20:08 - Mr Dale Godfrey, Erith "Good quote."

23rd Mar 20:00 - Mr Hemang Halai, Harrow "Easy to use."

23rd Mar 18:44 - Mr Tim Jackson, Harrogate "Simple to complete."

23rd Mar 18:12 - Miss Amy Dalgleish, Edinburgh "Fast and easy to use!"

23rd Mar 15:11 - Mr James Sinclair, Haywards Heath "Great website - easy to use. "

23rd Mar 10:05 - Mr Nicholas Martins, London "Easy to use, collection is a big plus! "

22nd Mar 17:17 - Mr Arran Robertson-Cowley, Woking "Excellent!"

22nd Mar 12:28 - Miss Mandy Swain, Waltham Abbey "Very easy to use website, good price offered for my car."

21st Mar 20:10 - Mr Craig Senior, Rotherham "Very simple. Good quotes and easy to use site."


21st Mar 16:06 - Mr Robert Cutts, Doncaster "Very good and very easy to complete the quote"

21st Mar 14:34 - Miss Annemarie Treanor, Skelmersdale "When I have phoned customer services with questions they have been brilliant in helping. "

21st Mar 12:01 - Dr Chris Hull, Pinner "Easy and checked out well online."

21st Mar 11:24 - Mr Nicholad Dauberman, Nottingham "Good service."

21st Mar 10:46 - Mr Avelino Soares, Norwich "Easy and quick service."

21st Mar 09:29 - James Kennedy-Cooke, Reading "Straightforward process."

20th Mar 23:07 - Miss Ann Marie McDowell, Preston "Quick and easy to retrieve a good quote! Very helpful! "

20th Mar 21:26 - Mr Joe Knott, Stockport "Quick, easy and simple. Really helpful to get rid of an old car "

20th Mar 14:14 - Mr Alan Da Costa, Ilford "Have used CarTakeBack several times already - excellent service very happy!"

20th Mar 11:27 - Mr Matthew Ryan, Norwich "Easy to use web portal make the process stress free."

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