Customer Reviews

All customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on the service we provide.  Here's what you have to say about us:

Yesterday 14:46 - Mr Duncan Mckay, West Drayton "Very prompt professional service!"

Yesterday 12:01 - Mr Alan Price, Oldham "It has been very easy to use. I like the fact of giving a selection of places to drop the car off and also the option of being collected"

Yesterday 11:46 - Mrs Monika Brzozka, King's Lynn "Straightforward and fair price"

Yesterday 10:49 - Mr Aaron North, Burnley "Fast & Efficient"

Yesterday 01:01 - Mr M islam Awan, London "Good"

Thursday 23:42 - Miss Sophie Bagshaw, Norwich "Very user-friendly and easy to complete."

Thursday 18:52 - Mr Robert Bedford, Warrington "Used you before and am very impressed!"

Thursday 18:17 - Mrs Carrie Smith, Caldicot "Quick and easy to use"

Thursday 17:25 - Mrs Kayleigh Ridgwell, Folkestone "Quick and easy to understand."

Thursday 13:12 - Mr james Anderson, Derby "Quick and non fussy."


Thursday 12:40 - Mrs Elizabeth Forbes, Tonbridge "Good customer service. Very helpful."

Thursday 12:27 - Mr Malcolm Kempton, Birmingham "Speed and simplicity of obtaining quote."

Thursday 11:50 - Mr Daniel Lambert, Chertsey "Its fast and not too many questions."

Thursday 11:02 - Mr Derek Murphy, Bournemouth "Very good,no hassle."

Thursday 09:16 - Mr Tom Wenham, Surbiton "Easy and straight forward."

Wednesday 20:12 - Miss susan flynn, Stevenage "Very efficient. Have used this service previously."

Wednesday 19:59 - Mr Simon Holman, Aylesbury "FAQs pretty comprehensive in explaining all issues."

Wednesday 18:38 - Mr Aidan Smith, Southampton "Instant quote."

Wednesday 12:02 - Ms Olwyn Santiago, Bournemouth "Easy to use website"

Wednesday 10:18 - Mr Ricky Thomas, Cardiff "Instant quotation and a well laid out website."


Tuesday 15:21 - Mr Nicholas Lightfoot, Warwick "Price & convenience."

Tuesday 15:13 - Mr Mahmud Walji, London "Quick and professional."

Tuesday 15:00 - Mr James Bourke, Maidstone "Easy to use website."

Tuesday 14:24 - Mrs Lora Fenwick, Ellon "Easy Peasy! Super fast and really easy to organise."

Tuesday 13:52 - Mr Darryl Dilley, Shefford "Fast and easy."

Tuesday 13:33 - Mr Alan Weston, Leicester "The price was the best."

Tuesday 13:23 - Miss Joanne Blackwell, Wigan "Straightforward and easy."

Tuesday 11:21 - Mr Brian Morham, Kelty "Easy site to navigate."

Tuesday 10:58 - Mr Mohamed Hajinur, Romford "Very easy to use."

Tuesday 09:38 - Mrs Sheryl Wakeman, Luton "Easy to use."


Tuesday 07:44 - Mr Mark Marshall, Newark "Easy and hassle free."

Tuesday 00:03 - Mr James Flint, Alfreton "Easy simple and fast."

Monday 22:33 - Mrs Padfield, Wakefield "Quick and easy."

Monday 20:51 - Miss Raquel Vieira, Hendon "Easy to follow process."

Monday 20:10 - Miss Alison Brown, Ayr "Straightforward and plenty of information to allow me to understand the process."

Monday 18:47 - Mr James Castell, Luton "Easy and convenient."

Monday 18:39 - Mr Chris Holt, Manchester "Easy to use online form."

Monday 12:14 - Mr Sebastian Jablonski, Pontefract "Ease of use, no hassle over phone haggling on price"

Monday 09:13 - Mr Simon Griggs, Huntingdon "Used the service before with no issues."

Sunday 22:54 - Ms Rosie Dorontic, Edinburgh "Super clear and easy. "


Sunday 21:37 - Mr Sukhjinder Singh, London "Excellent"

Sunday 18:35 - Mrs Delia Swift, Ledbury "We had to scrap a car with you last year - service was excellent, could not fault and man collecting charming, polite and lovely. All in all a completely painless experience!"

Sunday 13:07 - Mr Calvin Kara, Manchester "Quick and straightforward "

Sunday 10:42 - Miss Stevie Macdonald, Folkestone "Quick and efficient"

13th Dec 14:58 - Miss Rebecca Mussett, Norwich "Easy and quick to sort out, and also holding the quote for 7 days is very useful."

13th Dec 14:44 - Mr William Norton, Surbiton "Easy simple and very quick service."

13th Dec 13:48 - Miss Kelly Humphrey, Basingstoke "All questions were answered on the website and it was made very clear what was expected of me/the car. Very easy to use and takes the hassle out of the experience."

13th Dec 12:35 - Mr Joe McKee, Glasgow "Very straight forward"

13th Dec 08:00 - Mr Timothy Loraine, Chelmsford "How quick the quote is given, and the information on your website answers any concerns."

12th Dec 21:04 - Mrs Tanya Turpin, York "Very helpfull to me."


12th Dec 19:02 - Mr Omar Mohamed, London "Good customer service."

12th Dec 18:15 - Mr Tom O'sullivan, Kingswinford "It was quick and easy you have taken the hassle away."

12th Dec 12:04 - Mr Eric Roy Rubacs, Wakefield "Nice and simple, very refreshing"

12th Dec 09:49 - Mr Gary Dutton, Chester "Very quick and easy"

11th Dec 21:48 - Mr Paul Bollard, Whitstable "Very quick and straightforward"

11th Dec 18:58 - Mr Richard Whitworth, Wakefield "I've used the service before and it's hassle free."

11th Dec 17:56 - Mr Alan Taylor, Edinburgh "Very straightforward - my car has been expensive to run this year, so it will be a relief, now it has broken down again, to just let it go - some years ago I had to pay to get a car scrapped, so the payment/collection is a big help - big relief."

11th Dec 17:55 - Mrs Wendy Rogalla, Wellington "My son put me onto this service as he has used it before and it is excellent."

11th Dec 15:53 - Mr Suleman Dirir, London "Quick & Easy Website to use."

11th Dec 12:29 - Mrs Nichola Chubb, Gosport "Very quick quotation process."


11th Dec 11:09 - Miss Carole Taylor, Bolton "Prompt answer."

11th Dec 10:54 - Mr kiefer simpson, London "Good that the quote is instant and online."

11th Dec 10:43 - Mr Christopher Reed, High Wycombe "Very easy to use. Chat function with a member of staff was excellent."

11th Dec 10:25 - Christine Watson, Lasswade "It's fast and effective."

11th Dec 10:05 - Mrs Caroline Howard, London "Very easy site to navigate."

11th Dec 08:36 - Mr Ian Martin, Leeds "Nice slick site."

11th Dec 07:11 - Miss karen crocker, Rochester "Easy, no complications."

10th Dec 21:42 - Mr Robert Nightingale, Andover "Easy to use website. Good price for car."

10th Dec 19:13 - Miss Julia Neil, Glasgow "Clear website and instructions."

10th Dec 17:45 - Mr Max Eadie, Auchterarder "Quote without having to add all your details like competitors."


10th Dec 13:29 - Mrs Linda Long, Newmarket "Quick application and brilliant customer services."

10th Dec 12:22 - Mr George Harrison, Stevenage "Very easy to use website and friendly helpful staff."

10th Dec 11:48 - Ms Jackie O'Connell, Wallingford "Website is clear and easy to use"

10th Dec 11:19 - Mr Steve Butts, London "Easy to use and helpful staff on the phone."

10th Dec 10:43 - Miss Karra Black, Glasgow "Very fast and easy to use website "

10th Dec 09:23 - Mr Matthew Lund, Shefford "Fast quote and best offer I've had."

9th Dec 23:03 - Mr Eroy Alexis, Plymouth "The website is very user-friendly."

9th Dec 21:00 - Mr Mandefro Adamu, Nottingham "Clear, easy and simple procedure."

9th Dec 20:08 - Mr Robert Cox, Reading "Very easy to use and best price offered."

9th Dec 17:22 - Mr David Hanmore, Sheerness "Fast response to me applying to your service."


9th Dec 15:20 - Mr Terry Beddows, Manchester "Easy to use. Clear and informative web site."

9th Dec 15:20 - Mr Jak Melvin, Stevenage "Very easy. Good website."

9th Dec 14:29 - Mr Anthony Simpson, Sheffield "Quick and easy."

9th Dec 13:45 - Ms Mary McWalter, Glasgow "Easy to find. Easy to use."

9th Dec 13:10 - Mr Matt Cooke, Littlehampton "I liked that I did not have to fill in long detailed forms. Got to the point."

9th Dec 12:40 - Miss Kelly Smith, Blackburn "Quick and helpful."

9th Dec 09:26 - Mr Mark Davis, Borehamwood "Quick and efficient."

8th Dec 22:29 - Mr Liam Urry, Attleborough "Easy website navigation."

8th Dec 22:01 - Miss Louise Elphick, Newark "Speedy, efficient web site."

8th Dec 20:44 - Mrs Rebecca Lowe, Birmingham "FAQs very useful."


8th Dec 19:04 - Miss Charlotte Elliott, Borehamwood "Quick and easy."

8th Dec 17:20 - Mr Nigel Dalby, Salisbury "Quick response."

8th Dec 14:39 - Mr James Strevens, Liskeard "The good price and ability to collect the vehicle."

8th Dec 14:17 - Mr Stuart Cruickshank, Buckie "Easy and straightforward "

8th Dec 13:44 - Miss Karen Winthrop, Washington "Easy to follow instructions."

8th Dec 13:10 - Terry Doherty, Kirkcaldy "Quick and straightforward. "

8th Dec 12:37 - Mr Jack Johnson, Croydon "Easy to organise."

8th Dec 11:53 - Miss Lucy Blenkinsop, London "Efficient website. "

8th Dec 10:58 - Miss Jessica Lydon, Newcastle upon Tyne "Easy to fill in online."

8th Dec 10:23 - Mr Christopher Whyman, Rochester "Easy to use and understand."

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