Customer Reviews

All customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on the service we provide.  Here's what you have to say about us:

Today 17:14 - Mr William Cheung, East Boldon "Easy and straightforward."

Today 16:01 - Miss Angela Crossland, Wakefield "Quick and easy to use."

Today 15:15 - Mrs Louise Johnson, Billericay "Very clear information; the FAQs were very useful."

Today 15:02 - Michael McGuire, Dunfermline "Easy to fill in."

Today 12:29 - Mrs Heather Bennett, Leven "The fast call back times."

Today 11:56 - Mr Richard Swinbank, Preston "Quick quote."

Today 11:05 - Mrs Rachael Hunt, Radstock "Very quick and easy to deal with. Good website and easily accessible on the phone."

Today 10:30 - Mr M Groves, March "Nice and easy to use."

Today 10:06 - Miss Tiffany Attrell, Erith "Everything is so quick and professional. "

Today 06:28 - Mr Assad Ali, Luton "Instant quotes. Easy and simple to use."


Today 06:01 - Mr Mark Franklin, Windsor "Very quick, makes life simple when you have so many other bits to worry about when your car dies!"

Today 01:57 - Mr James Kerr, Glasgow "Instructions very clear"

Yesterday 23:25 - Mrs Tracey Lewis, Guildford "Easy to understand."

Yesterday 21:32 - Mr Stuart Harvey, Braintree "Simple and quick."

Yesterday 20:48 - Miss Cheryl Emmerson, Windsor "Very convenient."

Yesterday 19:19 - Miss Ashley B Baillie, Kirriemuir "This site is very easy to use."

Yesterday 18:38 - Miss Nicola Chapman, Todmorden "Easy to use, clear and understandable quotes. Good choice of centres."

Yesterday 16:46 - Mr Scott Weston, Larbert "Fast, efficient and easy to use."

Yesterday 15:21 - Peter Yeardley, "Used yesterday for the first time. Car collected today and funds in account within the hour. Excellent service. Very organised. Will use again...hopefully wont need to!!"

Yesterday 15:15 - Mr Adam Bennetts, London "The website is very quick and easy to use."


Yesterday 12:56 - Mrs Julie smith, Leeds "Very easy to use website."

Yesterday 11:49 - Mr Eric Sutherland, Darvel "Best deal."

Yesterday 11:46 - Miss Patricia King, Buntingford "Quick response and the price I wanted."

Tuesday 17:01 - Mr Smith, Whitstable "Easy and quick. So years ago I used the services of CarTakeBack, whilst living in Norfolk. Very impressed, that's why I am using the Company again. Have recommended CarTakeBack back to my many friends."

Tuesday 15:19 - Mr Vishal Patel, Worcester Park "Quick and efficient, no waiting for response."

Tuesday 15:12 - Mrs Tina Mcmylor, Ashton-under-Lyne "It's so fast to get a quote and select a pick up time like it."

Tuesday 14:39 - Mr Ian Robinson, Beaminster "It's simple and more than I was offered directly with a scrap yard."

Tuesday 13:55 - Dr Kieran Atkinson, Middlesbrough "Easy to use."

Tuesday 13:44 - Mr Jason Bertie, Norwich "You do all the work."

Tuesday 13:40 - Mr Gavin Marshall, West Drayton "Clear and easy."


Tuesday 13:25 - Mr Neil Sperinck, Watford "Very easy to use, good layout. "

Tuesday 13:02 - Mr David Savage, Bedford "Very clear and usable website."

Tuesday 11:58 - Mr Dritan Heta, Reading "Fair price. Easy, step by step."

Tuesday 09:51 - Mrs Joanne Everitt, Edenbridge "Easy to complete."

Tuesday 09:45 - Mr Brian Anderson, Edgware "Very clear and understandable."

Tuesday 09:32 - Mr Ron Bewick, Washington "Very easy website to use. "

Tuesday 09:07 - Mr Anthony smith, Birmingham "Easy to use."

Tuesday 09:06 - Mr Darryl Parker, Swadlincote "Easy to navigate site quick quote."

Monday 20:48 - Mr Praful Patel, West Bromwich "Simplicity and speed."

Monday 20:03 - Miss Katie Bragg, London "Very straightforward."


Monday 18:50 - Mr Matthew Clark, Sutton "Easy site navigation."

Monday 18:25 - Mr Thomas Hadingham, Stowmarket "Easy to use."

Monday 16:48 - Mr Richard Clout, Sevenoaks "An excellent web site."

Monday 16:04 - Miss Georgina Veness, Braintree "More money for my car than any other company."

Monday 15:58 - Mrs Margaret Burton, Stoke-on-Trent "Information straightforward and easy to understand when making my choice."

Monday 15:18 - Mr Andrew Middleton, Waltham Abbey "Very good and a very easy site to use."

Monday 14:32 - Mr Martyn Hughes, London "Car valuation is quick and easily obtained."

Monday 14:18 - Mr Michael Burke, Wigan "Quick and straightforward."

Monday 14:14 - Mr Andy Freebody, Yateley "Clear and easy web site to follow."

Monday 12:54 - Mr Alvappillai Santharuban, Sutton "Very easy to use."


Monday 12:40 - Mr Joe Millett, Stroud "Easy to use, clear questions and prompt answers."

Monday 12:39 - Mr Mark Doleman, Egham "Easy and quick."

Monday 11:52 - Mr Alan Hooks, Hartlepool "All questions covered."

Monday 11:49 - Mr Ian Pritchett, Abingdon "It's so easy!"

Monday 09:25 - Mr Timothy Smith, Gillingham "Website is easy to use."

Monday 09:23 - Mr terry Jennings, Morden "It was really easy."

Monday 08:59 - Mr Giles Pergl-Wilson, Ely "Simple website."

Monday 08:10 - Mr John Gray, Rochester "Very quick and easy."

Monday 04:22 - Mr Lenford Smith, London "It's simplicity."

Sunday 21:55 - Mr Robert Padley, St. Ives "Speedy, easy to use."


Sunday 20:44 - Mr Miles Anderson, Cambridge "Quick and easy."

Sunday 20:24 - Mr Leslie Tiller, Bexley "Clear information about the process and the legal requirements."

Sunday 19:51 - Mr Kevin Bowle, St. Ives "Website is clear."

Sunday 19:16 - Ms Katie Bell, Peterborough "Quick easy and straightforward information. Made the process much less stressful! Thank you!"

Sunday 19:07 - Miss Tina Kinder, Ely "It's quick and easy to use."

Sunday 19:05 - Mr Joseph Mcewan, Bracknell "Quick response."

Sunday 17:42 - Miss Amanda Rogers, Wigan "Really easy to use."

Sunday 17:00 - Mr Russell Kinch, Wallington "Easy to use."

Sunday 16:51 - Mr Edgaras Kiela, Manchester "Quickness, convenience, clarity and highest quote."

Sunday 16:17 - Miss Amanda Davidson, Shrewsbury "Comprehensible and easy to use."


Sunday 15:44 - Mr Peter Festa, Potters Bar "Very easy to understand."

Sunday 14:10 - Miss Amee Marsh, Elland "Quick and easy to fill out! "

Sunday 12:53 - Mr Lee Dodge, Lowestoft "Easy, step by step tells you everything you need to know about this service!"

Sunday 11:34 - Mrs Earnshaw, Hertford "Easy website to use."

Sunday 10:56 - Mr Simon Bell, Nuneaton "Very quick and easy."

Sunday 09:06 - Mrs Charlotte Richards, Coalville "Easy to follow instructions and fair prices."

Sunday 01:02 - Mr Engin Aziz, Waltham Cross "Quick and say to use, clear advice on website."

Saturday 20:41 - Mrs Rebecca Henry-Litteck, London "Getting a price straight away."

Saturday 18:27 - Mr David Evans, Chichester "Excellent, easy to use website."

Saturday 17:24 - Miss Jessica Brook, Nottingham "The ease of the online form and process."


Saturday 16:05 - Mr Alasdair Crewe, Bromley "Easy to use."

Saturday 13:51 - Miss Rachel Clark, London "I was unsure of something so I started live chat & my question was answered within 5 mins so I can happily agree to terms & conditions & carry on with my day, perfect, thank you."

Saturday 13:11 - Miss Linda Tate, Dunstable "Very easy and straight forward."

Saturday 12:18 - Mr Richard Price, Leicester "Simple to apply."

Saturday 12:03 - Miss Caroline Chalkley, Milton Keynes "Quick response."

Saturday 11:58 - Mrs Kathryn Dennon, Warrington "Website is significantly easy to navigate. "

Saturday 10:13 - Mr Martin Ferris, Wantage "Website is very easy to use."

Saturday 07:09 - Mr Darren Wheeler, Reading "Simple and easy to use!"

Friday 23:17 - Miss Rachael Broad, Basingstoke "Easy to use website."

Friday 21:24 - Mr David Chorley, West Byfleet "Simple and easy."


Friday 19:57 - Ms Sarah Roberts, Godalming "Very easy. "

Friday 18:18 - Miss Carla Austin, Hayes "Value for car."

Friday 17:33 - Mr Burim Gosalci, London "Excellent, really like the on-line service."

Friday 14:06 - Mr Shiwodiwodi Wodi, Coventry "Great service"

Friday 12:01 - Ms Pauline Bramley, Cramlington "Very straightforward. No hassle "

Friday 11:15 - Miss Safiyyah Henderson, Reading "Very easy to use with quick response from customer services."

Friday 11:06 - Mrs Anne Farrall, Leeds "Excellent website with lots of clear information to make the whole process very straightforward. Phoned in to clarify some issues and spoke to a very helpful advisor who answered all my queries. "

Friday 10:57 - Mrs Margaret Tudhope, Kilwinning "Very easy to arrange thank you."

Friday 10:30 - Mr Scott Donoghue, Dunfermline "Very quick and easy to use"

Friday 08:43 - Mr Scott Sayers, Holywood "Quick and easy to use and understood all of the info for the relevant questions."

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