Customer Reviews

All customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on the service we provide.  Here's what you have to say about us:

Yesterday 15:00 - Mr Sean Hunte, Norwich "Quick, easy and clear"

Yesterday 13:34 - Mrs Erica Collier, Hitchin "Hassle free, quick and easy"

Yesterday 13:09 - Mrs Lesley Williams, Middlewich "Easy & straight forward."

Yesterday 12:38 - Mr matthew jones, King's Lynn "quick and easy"

Yesterday 09:33 - Mr Andrew Brown, Wokingham "Simple and quick."

Yesterday 09:18 - Mr jonathan kilby, Luton "Quick and simple"

Thursday 20:11 - Mr George Love, Windermere "Quick, Simple and easy to do."

Thursday 18:31 - Mr jonathan smith, Sheffield "Quick and very easy"

Thursday 18:24 - Miss amy white, Bedford "Simple, Easy and good price offered!"

Thursday 16:27 - Mr Adam Coulson, Bury St. Edmunds "Very easy, clear price and instructions."


Thursday 16:06 - Mr gary rugg, Birmingham "Easy, fast and very simple to use"

Thursday 14:29 - Mr Andy Macdonald, Preston "Only company that actually kept their promise and gave an on-line quote."

Thursday 13:25 - Mr Nicholas Thomas, Flint "Very straightforward."

Thursday 11:28 - Mr Nuno Gomes, Morden "good price. very good website!!"

Thursday 11:19 - Mr Fraser Hood, Rugeley "The website is pretty straight forward and easy to use."

Thursday 10:04 - Miss Adrienne Darwin, Southsea "Quick and very well laid out! "

Thursday 09:52 - Mr John Robinson, Cheltenham "Short number of steps and simple."

Wednesday 20:26 - Miss Julie Nicol, Leicester "Quick, easy to use website."

Wednesday 19:16 - Mrs Tracey Gilhooley-Rutherford, Kelty "Easy, straight forward, reassuring."

Wednesday 17:56 - Mrs Ann Wellington, Gravesend "Have used before, its easy!"


Wednesday 17:55 - Mr Miles Turner, Watchet "It's to the point, and doesn't ask needless questions."

Wednesday 16:02 - Mr James Cheshire, Shefford "Good price quoted, quick and easy process."

Tuesday 21:47 - Miss Jasmine Keating, Bury "Good price for my car, thank you."

Tuesday 21:06 - Mr John Obrien, Rickmansworth "Quick easy and a good price "

Tuesday 19:52 - Mr Terence Johns, Watford "Exellent very easy to use"

Tuesday 17:46 - Mr Donald Augustine Fong, Stoke-on-Trent "How easy, you clarified and explained the procedure on the website."

Tuesday 17:33 - Ms Julie Odele, Dartford "Best offer so far and quick response."

Tuesday 16:59 - Mr Ian Hooper, Hailsham "It's easy to use."

Tuesday 14:45 - Mr Raymond Douglas, St. Neots "Easy just to fill in form."

Tuesday 14:26 - Mr Ashraf Khan, Derby "No messing around, straight to the point."


Tuesday 12:43 - Mr Jason James, Lytham St. Annes "It's easy to do it on-line."

Tuesday 12:32 - Mrs Margaret Richardson, Manchester "Very clear, quick and easy to use."

Tuesday 12:28 - Mr Dominic Gamble, Uxbridge "Quick and easy."

Tuesday 10:14 - Miss Mari-Anne Welland, Reading "Very quick and easy."

Tuesday 10:11 - Mr Sati Sahotay, West Bromwich "Website is very easy to use."

Tuesday 10:02 - Mrs Angela Hay, Diss "Quick, easy, reasonable valuation, to the point!"

Tuesday 07:18 - Mrs Therese Travis, Bournemouth "Quick & easy."

Tuesday 00:19 - Mr Kenneth Wilson, Aberdeen "Simple and easy to use."

Monday 21:33 - Mr Graeme Smith, Dalkeith "Easy to arrange collection."

Monday 21:20 - Mr Sam Hewlett-Lloyd, Wolverhampton "Very easy to use."


Monday 21:17 - Mr Wayne Stephens, Tilbury "Easy and convenient."

Monday 20:32 - Mr Ibrar Khan, St. Albans "Great customer service; reponded to my emails quickly."

Monday 20:18 - Mr Jeremy Grey, Liverpool "Quick and easy."

Monday 19:26 - Mrs Eleanor Stamper, Isle of Lewis "Easy site to use."

Monday 17:14 - Miss Shauna Milner, Watford "Quick and easy"

Monday 12:58 - Mr Paul Zwierzanski, Brighton "Simple and easy to use and understand - well done. "

Monday 12:30 - Miss Sabrina Stewart, London "Quick and simple to use. "

Monday 12:20 - Mr Mustafa Adan, London "Easy step to follow and great service."

Monday 10:39 - Mr Stephen Fitzsimmons, Derby "Clearly explained and easy navigation."

Sunday 11:50 - Mr Saif Ali, Hounslow "Very easy to set up and find quote, an easy website and service to use."


Sunday 10:09 - Miss Jade Dwyer, Leicester "Excellent"

Sunday 09:57 - Mr Paul Ankers, Stockport "convienient and quick"

Sunday 09:33 - Mr Graham Colloff, Billericay "Easy to use and good price. "

Sunday 07:35 - Mrs Beverley Fenton, Leicester "Really simple and straightforward to arrange"

13th Sep 22:36 - Mr Justin Light, Borehamwood "Each step seemed easy to negotiate."

13th Sep 22:03 - Miss Keeley Jones, Sheffield "Good to do "

13th Sep 16:56 - Miss Angela Hunter, Clackmannan "Very easy to get a quote right away and clear, easy steps to arranging collection/delivery."

13th Sep 16:33 - Mrs Amanda Gadema, Whitley Bay "Quick and easy service to access :)"

13th Sep 15:52 - Mr Alan Doyle, Bracknell "Very easy to use website."

13th Sep 14:53 - Mr Alec Sherwood, Thornton-Cleveleys "Very quick and convenient."


13th Sep 13:34 - Mrs Sue Gibby, Stockport "Website very clear and easy to navigate."

13th Sep 13:34 - Mr Rawle Basdeo, London "Good company with easy to use website. Straightforward, which is a good thing."

13th Sep 13:11 - Mr Jamie Parry, Merthyr Tydfil "Very easy to use, straightforward, and user friendly."

13th Sep 11:55 - Mr Kieran Lambe, Alfreton "The instant quote, without having to enter any private details."

13th Sep 11:47 - Mr Kieran Marshall, Aldershot "Quick and easy to arrange pick up."

13th Sep 10:07 - Mr Philippe Le Merrer, Norwich "Friendly and efficient customer service."

12th Sep 20:26 - Miss Lynne Jones, Blackburn "The ease at which it was sorted."

12th Sep 16:09 - Mr Paul Seear, Huntingdon "Very quick and efficient."

12th Sep 15:54 - Mr Alan Brunyee, Swadlincote "Quick and easy website to use."

12th Sep 12:57 - Rev Julian Hollywell, Derby "Online support (Matt) was brilliant."


11th Sep 21:41 - Mr Jonty McDonald, Darwen "Quick and simple."

11th Sep 19:27 - Mr Mahmud Walji, London "Easy friendly service, very good. "

11th Sep 19:22 - Mr Mark Dempster, Birmingham "Easy to fill-in form"

11th Sep 16:53 - Miss Amy Dickson, Nottingham "Very simple and easy to follow."

11th Sep 15:23 - Miss Emma Cobb, High Wycombe "Website is easy to follow."

11th Sep 14:35 - Mr Craig Mahe, Barnet "Simple and easy process. Cannot fault it."

11th Sep 14:04 - Mr Humphrey Tyndale, Worcester "Nice and straight forward."

11th Sep 13:42 - Mr Scott Squires, Arrochar "Simple and quick to use."

11th Sep 12:00 - Miss Hannah Crook, London "Straight forward and easy to use."

11th Sep 09:55 - Mrs Barbara Rusdale, Peterborough "Quick response/on line chat."


11th Sep 09:40 - Mr John Moore, Ballyclare "The form is simple to complete."

11th Sep 09:39 - Mrs Kerstin McNichol, Keswick "I have used your services before and was pleased with it. "

11th Sep 09:01 - Mr Maurice Haslam, Ripley "The process is clear and straightforward."

11th Sep 08:12 - Mr Lawrence Laroza, Brentford "User friendly."

11th Sep 07:44 - Mr Glyn Jones, Warwick "Instant answers."

11th Sep 07:10 - Mr Alan Dace, St. Ives "Easy, no hassle."

10th Sep 22:10 - Mr Ayub Shah, London "Instant quote and collection arrangement."

10th Sep 20:36 - Mr Bagley, Sutton "Straight forward website."

10th Sep 19:21 - Mr Emanuil Noev, Salisbury "Brilliant!"

10th Sep 19:18 - Mr Jack Durrant, Blackburn "Simple and easy to navigate!"


10th Sep 18:41 - Mr Alistair Smillie, Stirling "Quick, easy and understandable."

10th Sep 17:54 - Mr Luke Cullen, Normanton "Fast & easy. I've used you before but the new site is loads better."

10th Sep 14:10 - Mr Andrew Bond, Lytham St. Annes "Great, very easy and straight forward to follow."

10th Sep 14:01 - Mrs Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Guildford "Web site easy to use, clear instructions."

10th Sep 11:20 - Ms Carmen Klinkosz, Glasgow "Easy and convenient. "

10th Sep 11:15 - Mrs Emily French, Liverpool "Easy to get a quick quote. "

10th Sep 11:08 - Ms Patricia Hill, Blackburn "Instant quote before filling in personal details"

10th Sep 09:10 - Mr Carlos Griffith, London "Good service."

10th Sep 00:24 - Mr Andrew Ryan, Northwood "It is very easy to navigate and understand the website."

9th Sep 21:12 - Mr Branko Cupkovic, Doncaster "The website was easy to navigate through, and having the car collected saves a lot of hassle."

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