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Yesterday 21:42 - Mr Alex Pedersen, Hemel Hempstead "Quick, easy, simple and convenient."

Yesterday 18:51 - Miss Nicola Sandiford, Pembroke Dock "Great prices and quick service "

Yesterday 16:06 - Mr Jason Kingsland, Crawley "Prompt and professional "

Yesterday 11:57 - Mr John Walker, Accrington "Fast reasonable quote"

Yesterday 11:33 - Mr Donald Hooper, Bognor Regis "Always quick to reply."

Yesterday 10:14 - Mr David Sale, Rochdale "Good price"

Wednesday 10:49 - Mr John Menlove, Dorking "Easy to use"

Wednesday 07:47 - Mr James Samuels, Maidstone "Very easy to use"

Tuesday 20:36 - Mr Anthony Goldsmith, Hove "Good informative clear website"

Tuesday 20:19 - Mr Martin Hockaday, Harpenden "Very professional, easy to use and informative"


Tuesday 18:00 - Ms Sharon Morris, Bristol "Very easy and straight forward "

Tuesday 15:55 - Mr Gary Raine, Clydebank "Fast and hassle free"

Tuesday 15:39 - Mr Daniel White, Huddersfield "Nice easy to use website"

Tuesday 13:07 - Mr Richard Thomson, Farnborough "Good website. Easy to navigate."

Tuesday 12:58 - Mr Andrew Robson, Durham "Fast and easy to use."

Tuesday 07:53 - Mr David Bennett, Wallasey "Good price and ease of use."

Monday 20:17 - Mrs Jaclyn Williams, Liverpool "I have found the process very easy and straightforward,"

Monday 20:16 - Miss Sophie Hewitt, London "Really simple, quick and easy!"

Monday 19:42 - Mr Steven wilson, Hockley "Quick response."

Sunday 15:46 - Mr Mark Pierce, Spalding "I used this service with a previous vehicle with no hassle "


Sunday 14:08 - Mrs Amanda Crompton, Bolton "Used before and very happy with service"

Saturday 18:15 - Mr Clive Green, Ashford "Very easy to use and better valuation of vehicle than expected."

Saturday 13:04 - Mr Matthew Birtles, Dronfield "So simple to book and use."

Saturday 12:42 - Mr Gregor McBain, London "Very straightforward to use the website. FAQs answered questions. "

Saturday 12:42 - Mr John Anderson, Scarborough "Very easy to get quote and fast response."

Saturday 12:30 - Mrs Giovanna Burrows, Warrington "Everything is explained very clearly."

Saturday 11:53 - Mr John Cameron, Glasgow "Simple and quick."

Saturday 10:47 - Mrs Kelly Jones, Reading "The convenience & speed in collection and payment."

Saturday 09:38 - Mr Guy Stovold, Poole "Quick and accessible."

28th Aug 22:21 - Mr Kevin Heath, Southend-on-Sea "Easy to follow and set up."


28th Aug 19:41 - Mr Philip Houldey, Bath "User friendly."

28th Aug 14:07 - Mr Alfred Sealy, Thornton Heath "Nice and easy"

28th Aug 13:53 - Mrs Maryanne Middleton, Falkirk "Easy to arrange"

28th Aug 13:22 - Mr James Fazakerley, Southport "Good quote"

28th Aug 13:10 - Mr Andrew Lishman, Kendal "Very easy to use"

28th Aug 11:44 - Mr Ben Baker, Wakefield "Very good"

28th Aug 11:35 - Mr Martyn Green, Kettering "Simple to use"

28th Aug 11:34 - Miss Leanne Tierney, Peterborough "Quick and easy"

28th Aug 11:33 - Mr Philip Merrill-Weaver, Portsmouth "Very easy to use without lots of intrusive questions at the beginning"

28th Aug 10:41 - Mr Geoff Forrest, Ilkley "Easy to use"


28th Aug 10:18 - Mr Ricky Dodd, Liverpool "Very fast and easy to do"

27th Aug 22:10 - Mrs Joan Millband, Nottingham "Quick and easy to use, with options as to the centre to use and whether I wish to drop off or have the car collected."

27th Aug 21:35 - Mr Johnnie Macdougall, Falkirk "Fast and efficient, easy to use website."

27th Aug 16:56 - Mr Graham Osborne, Tonbridge "Very clear instructions."

27th Aug 15:03 - Mr Joey Ireland, Cleethorpes "Easy to use "

27th Aug 14:57 - Miss Emma Mcconkey, Sutton Coldfield "Excellent"

27th Aug 14:19 - Miss Chloe Tooley, London "Very easy, takes the fuss out of getting rid of an old car."

27th Aug 13:28 - Mr Terence Ormsby, London "Very easy"

27th Aug 12:55 - Mr Craig Hall, Walsall "Easy and good range of quotes"

27th Aug 12:21 - Mr Doug Smith, Bracknell "Quick and easy"


27th Aug 11:17 - Mr Richard Funnell, Bishop's Stortford "Easy to use"

27th Aug 11:02 - Mr Matt Reid, Gillingham "Easy to use!"

27th Aug 09:37 - Miss Sian Bengeyfield, Abertawe "Quick valuation online "

27th Aug 00:02 - Mr Smain Boulaichi, London "I have used the service previously and it is straight forward"

26th Aug 14:22 - Mr Richard Goodwin, Leeds "Quick easy and a good price. "

26th Aug 14:00 - Miss Petronella Hodzi, Leeds "Very easy and fast"

26th Aug 12:49 - Mrs Lynn Burrell, Woking "Very quick and easy to use"

26th Aug 11:47 - Miss Hazel Bradley, Bourne "Quick and easy!"

26th Aug 11:45 - Miss Sarah Chadwick, Chorley "Easy to use."

26th Aug 11:37 - Mrs AYSHA Begum, Stratford "It was quick and easy"


26th Aug 11:05 - Mr Tom Joyce, Wellingborough "Very easy to use and best price offered."

26th Aug 10:50 - Mr Colin Wilson, Pewsey "Quick and easy to use, no long forms to fill out "

26th Aug 10:09 - Mrs Louise Hersey, Haverhill "Quick and simple"

26th Aug 09:12 - Dr John Kirby, Nottingham "Used previously, and it is the ease that brought me back"

26th Aug 00:51 - Mr Lukasz Maresz, Chipping Norton "All clearly explained and steps easy to follow in very short time."

25th Aug 23:37 - Mr Andrew Bannon, Bury "Quick response "

25th Aug 22:00 - Mr Len Eaton, Rochford "Trouble Free"

25th Aug 18:03 - Mr Derek Harrodine, Southend-on-Sea "Easy to use, local and a local Business "

25th Aug 17:11 - Mr Patrick Marshall, Blairgowrie "It's so easy to use your website and very speedy."

25th Aug 16:55 - Miss Rachel Pope, Canterbury "Very easy to navigate."


25th Aug 16:40 - Mr Tony Chesterton, Aylesbury "Easy to use web site."

25th Aug 15:45 - Mr Mark Wakefield, Gillingham "Very easy site to use and would recommend you to anybody else."

25th Aug 15:16 - Mrs Barbara Miners, Bristol "Speedy response to queries and easy to use website."

25th Aug 14:09 - Mr Andrew Callaghan, Bournemouth "Hassle free and straightforward."

25th Aug 11:55 - Mr Joao Sebastiao, Stanford-le-Hope "Quick and easy."

25th Aug 09:40 - Mr Jeffrey Lee, Blackpool "Simple and easy to sort out, no fuss."

25th Aug 09:39 - Mr Aaron Turner, St. Helens "Very easy and quick."

25th Aug 07:44 - Mrs Catherine Edge, Surbiton "Very straightforward."

25th Aug 06:38 - Miss Gemma Money, Dereham "It's easy to do."

25th Aug 06:38 - Mr David Edmonds, Leicester "Very quick and easy to arrange."


24th Aug 21:50 - Mr Erkin Ismail, Swanley "Everything was quick and easy."

24th Aug 20:11 - Mr Darren Millard, Pontypridd "Easy to use, online quote."

24th Aug 19:10 - Mr Steve West, Teignmouth "Everything straightforward and simple."

24th Aug 19:04 - Mr Bhongsri Li, Wembley "Quick to get quote."

22nd Aug 14:40 - Mrs Joanne Mileham, Halifax "It's really easy to use."

22nd Aug 09:21 - Mr Gareth Ashington, Beaconsfield "Easy to use website"

21st Aug 23:02 - Mr Christian Caller, Reading "Clear straightforward and recommended by the Guardian."

21st Aug 10:53 - Mr Filippo Sassi, Maidstone "I phone to the operator for having more information about the whole process and he has been very nice and helpful."

20th Aug 21:27 - Miss Ravendeep Rakkar, Rochester "Simple and to the point. Very clear website, and user friendly."

18th Aug 21:20 - Mr Richard Curson, Welwyn Garden City "Very clear website and straightforward process."


18th Aug 17:32 - Mrs Emma Lawton, Manchester "Used the service previously and was very happy"

17th Aug 20:58 - Mr Steven Davidson, Glasgow "Very easy to use and intuitive website. Best price paid versus other similar sites"

17th Aug 17:39 - Mr Richard Robey, London "Very easy to use as well as being approved by government"

17th Aug 17:33 - Miss Maxine Coleman, Glasgow "Very easy to complete the form, and happy to recieve a call back within a day. "

17th Aug 16:33 - Mr Charles Jackson, Loughborough "Website has been incredibly easy to use, and clear about instructions - it was easy to amend details (like declaring that the car is incomplete). "

17th Aug 09:52 - Mr Brian Jefferson, London "Excellent"

17th Aug 09:29 - Christine Millband, Orpington "Simple to follow with good information section."

16th Aug 23:20 - Mr Matthew Thompson, Burton-on-Trent "I like how much information there is and how easy it is to organise."

16th Aug 11:03 - Mr Kerr McFarlane, Glasgow "Fast and easy, best prices I have found for the Glasgow area."

15th Aug 14:07 - Mr Brian Marriott, Dagenham "User friendly service, very happy recommended."

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