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On page Win A Car do scrap car recycling the easy way. Great prices paid when you recycle your scrap car!

Here at CarTakeBack we specialise in recycling cars not just scrapping them.  With 300 scrap car recycling centres throughout the UK, we have plenty of experience and expertise in car recycling!


Best car recycling prices

Caring about the environment doesn't mean you have to miss out on the best price.  It's quick to value your car with us, all you need to do is tell us the registration of the car you want to recycle and the postcode for where it is.  We'll then instantly give you a price on screen; which is easier than spending your time calling around companies trying to find the best price.

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Local car recycling centres

When we recycle your car we want to make it as convenient as possible for you, which is why we give you the choice of dropping your car off at your nearest scrap car recycling centre or arranging for it to be collected.


FREE collection

Getting your car collected is free! We'll phone you up to arrange a collection date and time that's best for you. So there's no waiting around.

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Collecting Cars

Responsible car recycling

We offer much more than the best price for recycling your scrap car.  It goes without saying that we don't want to see the environment littered with car parts and polluted by chemicals, which is why at CarTakeBack all of our scrap car recycling centres meet strict recycling standards.


DVLA Certificate of Destruction

After we've recycled your car we'll send you a Certificate of Destruction as evidence.  Without this certificate the DVLA could send you an £80 fine for not having your car recycled legally.  Unfortunately there are operators out there who will buy your car for scrap (some may even give you a decent price) but there's no guarantee you'll get a certificate or if you do that it will be authentic. With CarTakeBack, we'll recycle your car properly and you'll get the certificate to prove it.

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Customer feedback

5 Stars

"Was highly impressed with all areas of the service, so quick and easy. Thank you so much. Nice to know that the materials will be recycled too rather than just ending up on a scrap heap or landfill."
- Mrs S Mould. Read more comments from our customers»

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