What Happens When You Deliver Your Scrap Car?

So, you've arranged to deliver your scrap car to a CarTakeBack scrap car recycling centre.  Here's what happens next.


Please make a note of your reference number which begins 'CC'; this was shown at the end of the quotation process and will also be shown on your confirmation e-mail.  You will need this reference number when you deliver your scrap car.

You should take any documents you have for the scrap car with you such as the registration document (V5C/logbook), MOT certificate, handbook and any service history (don't worry if you don't have any of these documents as we'll still be able to accept your car), as well as any keys.  Please also remove any personal belongings and any rubbish.  Remember to remove the tax disc if you wish to claim back any remaining road tax.

On Arrival

When you arrive at the CarTakeBack scrap car recycling centre you should park your scrap car safely in the designated area and make sure that you have removed all of your personal belongings, before reporting to the main reception. It helps if you hand over your printed confirmation containing your reference number. This will also guarantee your quote.

Documents for your car

You'll need to hand over any documents you have for the scrap car such as the MOT certificate, handbook and any service history, as well as any keys. If you have your V5C registration certificate (logbook), you should remove section 9 (V5C/3 Notification of sale or transfer) and hand over the rest to the operator. (don't worry if you don't have any of these documents as we'll still be able to accept your car).

Proof of Identification

In England and Wales the law requires you to provide a current photo card driving licence confirming your name, date of birth and address. Alternatively, you can provide another form of photo ID such as a passport, along with proof of your address, such as bank statement or utility bill. For a list of all accepted forms of identification, please click here.
The operator will make copies of your documents which will be secured securely.


Your car will be assessed to confirm that it meets the terms of the quotation; in particular whether it is complete and free from waste.  If these terms are not met the price may need to be adjusted.  You will have the chance to accept or reject any new quotation before you hand over your scrap car.


As soon as your scrap car has been assessed, the operator will organise the payment owed to you. Find out more about the payment options available.

Notifying the DVLA

The operator will then decide the best method of recycling for your car.  If it's to be scrapped, you will then be issued with a DVLA Certificate of Destruction while you wait, or if you're in a hurry it will be sent out to you within 24 hours by e-mail if we have your e-mail address or if not, then by post. Read more on the importance of a DVLA Certificate of Destruction. If you have not received your Certificate of Destruction within 24 hours of your car being given to us, you should send your completed V5C/3 to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BD.

Reuse is the purest form of recycling and so, on occasion, it may be more environmentally responsible to reuse your car instead of scrapping it.  In these circumstances the operator will help you complete section V5C/3 of your V5C registration certificate for you to send to DVLA.  Whichever recycling method is chosen by the operator buying your vehicle, the DVLA will be informed and you will no longer be responsible for it.

Recycling your Scrap Car

You can rest assured that once we've accepted your scrap car, it will be recycled in line with EU regulations.  All of our scrap car recycling centres are licensed by the environmental agencies, so you won't find any of your old tyres dumped in ditches or toxic oil tipped down the drain.  Read more about the recycling process.

If you haven't yet done so, click here for a free, no obligation quotation for your scrap car and to find your nearest scrap car recycling centre » 

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