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At we pride ourselves on our approach to protecting the environment and actively encourage responsible disposal of scrap cars.  If your car is scrapped by us it will be depolluted to the highest possible standards and you will be issued with a DVLA certificate of destruction.  Reuse is the purest form of recycling and, on occasion, it may be more environmentally responsible for the operator to work on your car to keep it on the road a while longer. If this is the case the operator will help you to complete the paperwork for you to send to the DVLA to transfer responsibility for the car.

The End of Life Vehicle Regulations introduced tough new laws for businesses which handle scrap cars, with the aim of protecting our environment.  All scrap cars now have to be treated to remove any hazardous materials including oils, batteries and tyres, which would cause serious environmental damage if they ended up down the drain or in landfill.

Only when cars have undergone this treatment process, can the car shells be processed at metal recycling facilities.  Traditionally only the metal has been recovered due to its value, however, in order to meet the higher recycling rates required by the regulations, the glass and plastic material, which used to end up as landfill, is now separated for recycling.

Unfortunately, despite severe penalties, not all businesses have this respect for the law and continue to put our environment at risk.

All CarTakeBack scrap car recycling centres bear the 'Recycling Compliance Seal' to demonstrate their compliance.  Find out more about the Recycling Compliance Certification scheme »

When you choose CarTakeBack to recycle your scrap car to the highest standards, you can feel proud that you are doing your bit to help protect the environment »

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