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Scrap Car Recycling Approved by the Car Makers

Car maker approved scrap car recycling

Since 2005 the End of Life Vehicle Regulations have made car makers individually responsible for giving customers who own cars of their brands, the opportunity to dispose of them in a safe, legal and environmentally friendly way when they reach the end of their useful life.  And when scrap prices are low, this service must be provided free of charge.

For 7 years running has been trusted as the official scrap car recycling partner for car makers in the UK and has so far recycled 1.9 million scrap cars through its network of over 300 fully licensed scrap car recycling centres. All scrap cars are treated by CarTakeBack in strict accordance with the latest EU regulations.  All toxic materials are removed and the highest level of recycling is achieved which helps to sustain our planet.

The regulations also stipulate that customers wishing to dispose of their scrap car should never be far away from a CarTakeBack scrap car recycling centre and this is enhanced by CarTakeBack's nationwide scrap car collection service, which leaves no part of the UK uncovered.

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Can't see your make of car listed? Don't worry; we recycle all scrap cars to the same high standard.

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