Aston Martin Battery Disposal


Thank you for selecting the Aston Automotive Martin Battery Disposal Service operated throughout the UK by Limited.

CarTakeBack will take back your waste Automotive batteries free of charge for recycling as long as the following criteria is met.

  1. You must represent one of the following types of organisation:
    • A Civic Amenity Site
    • A site holding a waste management license or exemption which permits the processing of waste batteries (Scrap yard).
    • A business which performs vehicle battery exchange (Sales outlet or garage carrying out general automotive repair and service).
    • A business which holds a permit to treat vehicles in accordance with the End of Life Vehicle Regulations 2003 (Authorised Treatment Facility).

  2. The battery must be used for starting or lighting of a vehicle.

As long as you have met the above criteria please fill in the enquiry form below and press SUBMIT to send us your enquiry.

Battery producer registration number: BPRN00982

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