CarTakeBack Customer Celebrates Her Win!

Posted on 24 June 2016 by CarTakeBack

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"I called CarTakeBack, provided my car details and booked a collection date to take away my old car." little did Oyinnoyi from Chigwell know that by scrapping her 17 year old Peugeot, she was about to become CarTakeBack's 10th lucky Win a Car winner…
CarTakeBack customer wins brand new MitsubishiIt was a glorious sunny Friday when the CarTakeBack team headed to North City Autos, Chingford to give another lucky CarTakeBack customer a brand new Mitsubishi. "This is the 10th prize car we've given away" commented Alison Price from CarTakeBack "but it never gets old seeing the look on the winners face when they see their shiny new car for the first time!".

When customers come to CarTakeBack to recycle their old car, they know we'll take care of everything, from collection and paperwork through to payment. We just wanted to go that extra mile and give our customers a chance to replace their old car with a brand new one! Oyinnoyi has certainly felt the benefits of winning a brand new car (aside from loving that new car smell!) "The freedom to get around again and no more old car woes that I had been experiencing, it was like one thing after the other was failing."

Unfortunately we can't give every customer that sells their car with CarTakeBack a brand new Mitsubishi, but we can give them a great service every time!
Oyinnoyi who wins a brand new Mitsubishi Mirage with CarTakeBack!"Thank you CarTakeBack for the best gift ever!! I have never won anything like this. The car is such a blessing!" - You're welcome Oyinnoyi.

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