Lucky Lady From Beckenham Goes Green In More Ways Than One!

Posted on 18 August 2015 by CarTakeBack

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We were over the moon for Ewa Lawrence when she won her brand new car (and not just because someone finally picked a green one!). Here's our press release about her lucky day.

Ewa and her new car that she won when she sold her old car to CarTakeBack!

Ewa Lawrence had the shock of her life recently when, having recycled her 20 year old Vauxhall Corsa with, she found out she was the lucky winner of a brand new Mitsubishi Mirage worth £11,000!

“When I heard I’d won a brand new car I was in a state of shock and it took a while to sink in. Even when I was given the keys I still couldn’t believe it was really happening. I’ve been driving since 1976 and have never owned a brand new car!”

Alison Price from CarTakeBack presented Ewa with her new wheels at Master Mitsubishi in Croydon. “Ewa is the ninth lucky CarTakeBack customer to be rewarded for recycling her old car the right way and really is taking this being green seriously. She’s the first person who’s been brave enough to choose a bright green Mitsubishi Mirage and we love it!”

Ewa added “Winning this car means a great deal - no need to worry about breaking down. It gives me freedom to travel anywhere not having to worry whether I will get to my destination. It is important to me to have a working car especially for the simple things such as being able to bring shopping home. Carrying shopping bags affects my mobility. The burden of costly repairs has also been lifted! Thank you very much!!!!!!! You make people happy by providing excellent service and being generous.”

All CarTakeBack customers were automatically entered into a draw to win a brand new car when they recycle their old one. If your car is on its last legs, get an instant, no obligation, quote.

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