Peace Of Mind For Jaguar Land Rover

Posted on 25 November 2016 by CarTakeBack

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It's essential to ensure that Jaguar Land Rover achieves its legal obligations under the End of Life Vehicle directive. We asked Phil Cannell who is the UK Technical Services Manager responsible for End of Life Vehicles to tell us about his experience working with CarTakeBack as their car recycling partner.

"We approached CarTakeBack first, as they had looked after Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles since the producer responsibility regulations were first introduced in 2005. Their proven record made our decision easy and CarTakeBack helped us to swiftly put in place a new agreement to ensure that the transition was seamless.
The arrangements mean that when old Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles eventually come to the end of their useful life, owners can rely on CarTakeBack to take back and recycle their car without harm to the environment.
Our relationship with CarTakeBack gives us peace of mind, that each year we can prove to the government that the 95% recycling target has been met on each and every car handled through the nationwide network.
I'd certainly encourage all Jaguar and Land Rover owners to trust CarTakeBack to look after them and their car, when it finally comes to making that tough decision."