Saying Goodbye To Your Old Cars In 2017

Posted on 19th Dec 2017 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Customer Spotlight

Whether we’re sad or glad to see our old cars go, it’s always a memorable event when we finally say goodbye. Our customers share their thoughts and feelings on the matter!

Before you say goodbye to your old car – Don’t forget to send us a photo!

Man with an old green Volvo

“It’s time to say goodbye #ThankYouVolvo”

Pete Makowski

Old grey car with bonnet stuck partially open

An ode to the Scenic “You’re going today between 12 and 4, but I’m glad I won’t see you when I open my door! Goodbye scenic you pain in the ass! I have a new car and this one is class ;)”

Bex Reeves

Woman smiling, in the background her old green car is being loaded on to a truck

“Goodbye Trusty Steed… off to save other brmm brmms hopefully! Fantastic company always in contact throughout the process, picked up on time, paperwork completed. Oh and nice driver too 😉 xx”

Sharon Stewart

Man wearing glasses looking sad with his old car

“Bye bye Bizzy. You have served us well and we are sad to see you go x”

Ricky Johnson

Person looking sad waving bye to their old car

“Goodbye my friend. You did us a good little turn”

David & Amy Jewiss

Two kids in earmuffs and winter coats stood next to an old Vauxhall

“Going to miss the old girl.”

Dave Robertson

Man with his old Renault

“Sad to see it go after lots of good service over 16 years”

Geoffrey Howard

People with a toy skeleton and their white car

“Seen better days! Bye bye Rhonda Aya 🙁 xxx”

Frank Cutter

Green car

“Glad to see the back of this car, brilliant service thanks very much”

Jcb Window

Woman using a tissue to wipe her eyes stood with her old car

Shedding a tear!


Woman looking sad and pouting stood with her old car

“So sad to be saying goodbye to my faithful little car today…. we’ve shared many memories, especially ferrying my furry little friends around. Bye bye 🚗 X”

Geri Crowley

Woman stood with her old car

“Bye bye Fiat Punto you were the BEST first car!”

Sarah Willows

Truck with vehicles loaded on, person stood next to it

“Really nice guy, very quick and paid me double what any other company had offered, very very happy, thankyou 😉. So so soooooooo pleased the money pit has gone.”

Bew Williams

Truck with vehicles loaded on, person stood in front

“Superb service! Carl the driver was very helpful, elated with this very professional company and I would fully recommend without a doubt. I was sad to see it go but it was a great service. Thanks again!”

Derek Hatfield

Man with his car being loaded on to a truck

“Sad to see her go but got a £100 farewell gift thanks to CarTakeBack UK!”

Adam Froome

Montage of photos of a child saying goodbye to the old car

“My son will be sad”

Tomasz Lorenc

Woman looking sad with her car

“Very sad to see you go byeeeeeeee xx”

Lydia Lindsell

Man and woman smiling and waving with their old car

“Gooooodbye to my car sad to see you go but onto new beginnings. Thank you Jermaine great service :D”

Samia Khatun

Man looking sad with an old van in the background

“Sad to see our trusty Citroen C15D go.”

Dave Webb

Man looking sad stood in front of an old Vauxhall

“Today I said farewell to my car. I’m really sad, I loved my car so much!”

Gabor Zsoldos

Woman smiling, in the background is a black car

“Sad to see my girl go! Has been a very loyal little car for five years!”

Sherry Shriver Stree

Person stood next to a truck with cars loaded on

“Sorry to see it go, was a reliable work horse.”

Angela Murrell

Man with glasses looking sad, in the background is a truck with old cars loaded on

“Had squeaky knob for 9 day trip round Europe 3 race tracks and 2700 miles…. Didn’t break down a most excellent machine. Let’s hope his parts can help other cars be as dynamic.”

Tony Gaines

Person wearing sunglasses smiling with a red car in the background

“Bye little Panda, it’s been a great 13 years with you but it’s time to move on. It’s not me, it’s you.”

Sharon Adamz‎

Woman with red hair looking sad stood with her old car

“Goodbye my little Astra. You have served me well. Sad to see it go.” #cartakeback #vauxhallastra #pickup

Emma Grech

Red car loaded on to a truck

“Beautiful day to say goodbye to my 4 wheeled friend. Had her for 10 years, my Dad bought her for me and sadly he passed two years later. Had some fantastic adventures in her, will miss her very much. Thank you for a very smooth and quick transaction.”

Gillian Hatton

Man with glasses stood with his old car

“Goodbye shall miss you (Not much)”

Mark Smith

Person wiping a tear from their eye stood nest to an old VW

“Just had to say goodbye after 17 loyal years. Having a bad hair day, but l don’t care. Bye bye Golf you were the best ever. — feeling nostalgic.”

Jenny John

Woman stood with her old red car, smiling

“One owner from new, 25 years ago. However the time has come for us to say goodbye, a very sad day.”

Mrs & Mr Hall

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