Selling Your Scrap Car - The CarTakeBack Experience

Posted on 12 September 2017 by CarTakeBack

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End of an era

Selling a car can be emotional. Some of us become very attached to our cars, whereas others are glad to see the back of them! While many of CarTakeBack's customers even take selfies with their car as a memento of the day they said goodbye to it, others don't give the car a second look as it's being towed away!

"I was sorry to have to let the car go as our family had a long history with it, but felt that my decision was dealt with kind consideration as one would with any personal possession." - S Barger, London

"Having a car lying around gathering dust and rust, after 5 minutes on this site I'd managed to arrange collection and get paid, perfect!" - Miss Garside, Liverpool

Customer selling their car on the CarTakeBack website

The best price

Whichever kind of emotion you feel towards your old car, getting rid of it all starts with finding the best price. Whether it's ready to be recycled or it still has some life left in it, you can find the best price instantly online. Gone are the days of having to phone around scrap yards to get a price to sell your scrap car, or trawl around dealerships for a price for your used car. Now all you need to do is type your car registration and postcode and within seconds you'll see how much your car is worth.

"CarTakeBack is a fast and efficient service. No phoning around all the local scrap yards for best price. It saves time and I got MORE MONEY. I was apprehensive for my first time with CarTakeBack, but after excellent service would definitely use them again. Recycling cars has now got into the 21st century." - A Dobson, Cheshire

The choice is yours

If your car's still roadworthy, perhaps you fancy one last road trip to deliver it to your local CarTakeBack branch! Or if your car won't start, you'll want to have it collected. You'll get a call to arrange a date and time to collect that's suitable for you. Just decide which option is best for you and fill out your details online.

"My car was taken away without any fuss, by a very, very polite driver. I have used your service twice now, and your operators are always very professional." - Kevin Daly, Bedfordshire

CarTakeBack collects a Ford Ka

Ready to go

Whichever way you choose to get rid of your old car, you'll need to make sure you have everything you need.

Reference Number

It helps if you have your reference number (which uses the format 'CC-0000-000000') to hand as this guarantees the price you've been quoted.


It might seem like an obvious one, but sometimes when an old car has been sat unused on a drive for a while, the keys can get lost down the back of a sofa! It makes selling your car easier if you have them to hand.


In England, Wales and Scotland, by law you have to show photo ID if you scrap your car, so make sure you have your photocard driving licence, or another form of photo ID.


If you have the registration certificate (V5C), that's the logbook, for your car then you can keep the yellow section 9 and pass the rest to the local branch. You'll need to fill in the name of the branch along with their address. If you're unsure, they'll help you with this.

Personal belongings

Don't forget to take your personal belongings out of your car. We don't want your nodding dog and fluffy dice thanks!

Saying goodbye

Now to say goodbye to your old car! If you've chosen to drive your car to your local CarTakeBack branch we'll tell you the opening times and send you a map. Don't forget to arrange a lift back! Or if you've chosen to have your car collected, just sit back and put your feet up.

The local branch will pay you the amount you were quoted when you hand over the keys.

If you have a scrap car that's recycled, you'll be sent a DVLA Certificate of Destruction as proof that the car is no longer on the road. If you're selling a used car then you'll notify DVLA. Either way, these actions will automatically trigger a refund of any remaining tax.

"Thought some of the "Excellent" reviews were maybe for cars in fantastic condition - I thought the service was excellent and my car was almost falling apart and I could not believe how much I received for it." - Jane. B, West Lothian

Don't forget to send us a selfie with your old car to remember it by! All that's left to do is think about the hours of happy motoring ahead of you in your new car.

There are loads of answers to many specific questions about selling your scrap car or used car with CarTakeBack in our FAQs.
Some CarTakeBack customers saying goodbye to their cars