New Year - New Car!

Posted on 09 January 2017 by CarTakeBack

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Is it time for you to replace your old car with a new one? We take a look at some of the most useful, and most unusual, add-ons available to you, that you might not have considered when daydreaming about your new motor! 

7 Unusual and Useful Additions for Your New Car

Which of these additional specs would you want on your dream car? We'll let you decide which are useful and which are unusual!

Range Rover - Event Seating

Rang Rover offers an option for event seating in your boot

If you're thinking of a Range Rover as your new car, why not add the Event Seating option to your spec? It gives you handmade seats made from aluminium and leather, that fold out from the boot. Great for open air events, there's no need to pack your camping chairs with this option!


Renault Modus - Boot Chute

Renault Modus has a small chute in the boot for easy loading of smaller items

You can have a boot chute on your new Renault Modus. It's a hinged opening within the main boot lid which makes it quick and easy to load small items into the back of your car. Just open the chute and drop the things in, rather than opening the whole tailgate. It's useful when there isn't much space behind your car too.


Fiat 500L - Espresso Machine

Espresso machine in the central console of your new Fiat 500L

Do you like your coffee how you like your cars? Strong and fast? Well with the Fiat 500L people carrier, you have an option to include a Lavazza espresso machine! No more waiting at the drive-thru for your usual pick me up.


Mini Convertible - Rain Warning

Mini Convertible rain warning new car add-on

Have you always wanted a convertible but worry about the rain turning up without warning when you're on the road? The Mini Convertible's built in rain warner lets you know of any inclement weather on your planned route, so you can put your roof up before you risk getting your hair wet.


Nissan Leaf - Solar Panel

Nissan Electric Vehicle, the Leaf's solar panel in spoiler

We love this mod available for the Nissan Leaf. The solar panel spoiler is designed to save the Leaf's battery from being emptied by leaving the lights or air conditioning on when the car is off. Such a good idea for this electric city car!


Vauxhall Adam - LED stars

Vauxhall Adam LED Starlight roof lining option

You don't have to go for a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom to get a twinkly roof lining in your new car. Vauxhall's city car, Adam, has the LED-Illuminated roof as an add-on option when you buy one.


Tesla Model S - Nuclear Defense

Tesla Model S option of Bioweapon Defence Mode display.

Tesla have gone all out in protecting their customers. They say that their Bioweapon Defence Mode for their Model S is "the first true HEPA filtrations system on a car". It pulls air into the car through the filtration system, including activated carbon filters, offering protection from hazardous conditions on the outside, such as dust, pollen, airborne viruses, air pollution… Nuclear fallout?!


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