Diesel and Petrol New Car Sales Ban

Posted on 30 November 2020 by CarTakeBack

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After the year we've all had, the announcement that diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2030 doesn't even make the 'shock top ten' for 2020! But it's still huge news! Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the date as part of his 'Green Industrial Revolution' - tackling climate change and creating jobs in new industries.

Before panic sets in (because we really don't need any more of that!), please don't be misled thinking that New Year 2030 will mean these cars will be illegal on the road. The ban is on the sale of new combustion engine cars and vans, not on their use. The ban on the sale of hybrids will be delayed till 2035, and heavy vehicles including HGV's and buses will be exempt.

With the average age of scrap cars being 15 years we'll be far beyond 2045 before these cars are physically off our roads for good, with millions still in use over the next two decades.

The newly announced deadline is significantly closer than the previously considered date of 2032, but the government has been in talks with the car industry for years; considering the production, running and end-of-life issues this ruling will impact. CarTakeBack has been directly involved in the advisory discussion surrounding electric vehicle recycling, to ensure these huge changes can be handled nationwide and the impact on the environment is minimised. We're even supporting the development of a UK-based electric vehicle battery recycling facility. It's so important to us to be able to continue to provide you and our vehicle manufacturer partners an end of life vehicle service that means responsible recycling as well as a great quote on your old car!

Good news for car owners that will be relevant long before we're doing any recycling of their old car, is that alongside a £4billion investment into the infrastructure needed to support electric vehicle use, the government has also announced plans for grants that will help people purchase electric vehicles. No doubt there will be a range of options available and we'll keep you updated on the relevant scrappage schemes that should make the transition to your next vehicle as smooth and cost effective as possible!

Petrol and Diesel Ban 2030