Another Year Of Successful Car Recycling

Posted on 01 July 2017 by CarTakeBack

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It's that time of year again, the deadline for car recycling businesses to report whether or not they've met the government's scrap car recycling targets.

Today we can proudly announce that CarTakeBack's scrap car recycling centres and car maker partners successfully recycled a huge 95% of every car they scrapped during 2016! CarTakeBack has met or even exceeded the car recycling target every year since it was introduced by the EU. Read more about responsible car recycling from CarTakeBack.

By reaching this target, CarTakeBack alone has so far saved over 570,000 tonnes of materials from scrap cars ending up in landfill. That's the equivalent weight of over 95,000 African elephants, the largest land mammal on the planet!

Steve Norgrove, CarTakeBack’s Compliance Manager, said:

"Reaching the annual reuse, recycling and recovery target in accordance with the End of Life Vehicles Regulations has been no easy task in 2016, given the increase in average vehicle weight,  but the combined efforts of our Alliance of ATFs, shredders and VMs, and investment in the latest post-shredder technologies, have meant that we have once again attained the 95% target."

95% recycling compliance seal

Look out for the 95% recycling seal displayed by car recycling businesses that have hit the government target!

To arrange for your old car to be responsibly recycled by CarTakeBack, start by getting an instant quote, and if your car is too good to scrap, we'll find you the best price to sell your old car.