CarTakeBack Collection Is Given The Green Light

Posted on 16 December 2014 by CarTakeBack

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We know we're pros when it comes to recycling, but it's always good for it to be official! This is our press release on getting government approval of our end-of-life vehicle collection systems.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, responsible for regulating the recycling of cars in the UK, has given official approval to CarTakeBack’s 2015 end-of-life vehicle collection systems – a welcome endorsement from the regulator.

CarTakeBack’s ELV collection systems have been designed to deliver the most thorough, cost-effective and compliant service, to ensure that the Vehicle Manufacturers and Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) we represent meet their obligations set down in the ELV (Producer Responsibility) legislation.

From 2015, the Regulations require vehicle manufacturers to achieve 95% reuse, recovery and recycling rates (previously 85%) of their “own marque” (own brand) vehicles, while maintaining convenient national networks of ATFs giving a guarantee of “free take-back”, even in remote areas, and having the depollution capacity to deal with all possible arisings.

Building on our successful delivery of targets and networks in every year since the Regulations were introduced in 2005, we submitted new plans as required under Regulation 10 of the legislation and, having examined these in detail, the regulator (BIS) has now issued its approval. Our submission to BIS also indicated the routes through which the increased recovery targets will be achieved on behalf of our VMs, and of those ATFs who look to us for a targets service.

Graham Price, on behalf of CarTakeBack, said;

”We are delighted that those VMs who have stayed loyal to us over the years may now look forward to a similarly successful relationship in this new era of higher targets. ATFs contracted to CarTakeBack can also be assured of continuity in their reporting to 95%, a performance which they have already achieved through CarTakeBack for the reporting year 2013”.