CarTakeBack Hits The Target!

Posted on 16 July 2014 by CarTakeBack

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Not ones to hang around, CarTakeBack ATFs hit the massive 95% recycling target two years early! Here's our press release on how we did it...

We've hit the 95% recycling target already!, the UK's largest vehicle manufacturer approved network of scrap car recycling centres, has hit the 95% recycling target two years ahead of it being required by law.

CarTakeBack's shredder shareholders have made this possible through investment in post shredder recycling technologies. This significant achievement has been welcomed by the regulator BIS.

"Although the 95% recycling obligation doesn't come in until 2015, we're pleased to report having achieved it in 2013, we are able to offer this to Authorised Treatment Facilities right now and in future years", commented Steve Sykes of CarTakeBack, adding “knowing that all vehicles are recycled legally encourages thousands of people to choose CarTakeBack every month and our increase to 95% is expected to boost numbers even further."

The CarTakeBack network has so far recycled over 3.5 million end of life vehicles. With 40% of all DVLA certificates of destruction in the UK being issued through its online Financial and Data System each year, the 95% recycling rate is set to make a huge impact on the UK's overall recycling achievement.

A Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) spokesperson said:

“Vehicle manufacturers and authorised treatment facilities have been aware of the 95% target since the End of Life Vehicles Directive was adopted in 2000, and the UK regulation was introduced in 2005. With proper preparations, this target is achievable."

“CarTakeBack’s performance will help UK compliance with this target in 2015. We encourage all those working in this area to continue their preparations to ensure they can meet the 95% target when it comes into effect at the beginning of next year.”