Electric Vehicle Recycling with CarTakeBack

Posted on 11 February 2020 by CarTakeBack

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With the popularity of electric vehicles rapidly growing - and likely to increase more so since the government have brought forward the date to end the production of diesel, petrol and even hybrid cars forward to 2035 - the way in which they are recycled is critical, at all levels of the process.

CarTakeBack have been involved in various research projects in this field over the last few years, and are always looking for ways to support not only our car manufacturer partners, but also our network of scrap car recyclers in this area. For our scrap car recyclers our key focus is promoting the correct and safe recycling of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Last month we were hosted by British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) at their offices in Huntingdon, to deliver their first electric end-of-life vehicle training course to vehicle recyclers.

CarTakeBack's Ken Byng delivering Electric Vehicle Recycling training

The course was developed by CarTakeBack in conjunction with BMRA and delivered by Ken Byng from CarTakeBack. During the course, he explained the risks of incorrect handling and laid out the all-important health and safety procedures that should be followed. Subsequently the correct isolation, testing and disconnection processes were explained, ultimately leading to how to safely remove the battery from the electric vehicle.

It can be a dangerous process if the correct health and safety precautions are not in place and the processes to remove the battery aren't followed correctly, so it's important that car recyclers are aware of the procedures. Once the battery has been safely removed and stored, the vehicle can then be recycled as any other vehicle should be.

Ken Byng of CarTakeBack who lead the training course said;

"We are proud to be working with BMRA to continue to promote safe working practices to vehicle recyclers. This is just one part of CarTakeBack’s constant drive towards ‘futureproofing’ the rapidly evolving vehicle recycling industry, and in particular helping to keep those involved with dismantling vehicles safe."