New Law For Scotland To Tackle Metal Theft

Posted on 30 August 2016 by CarTakeBack

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On the 1st of September 2016, the ban on paying cash for scrap cars will come into force across Scotland under 'The Air Weapon and Licensing Act (Scotland) 2015'.

The aim of the act is to tackle metal theft and fraud in Scotland. The theft of metal is estimated to be costing the UK economy over £200 million a year.

Scrap cars

Chief Inspector Stuart Wilson of British Transport Police said;

"Despite a decrease in reported offences, metal theft still incurs considerable cost to the Scottish economy and continues to disrupt and inconvenience the communities we serve."

The act was introduced in England and Wales back in 2013 with the same aim of combatting metal theft.

The act means that Scottish motorists will no longer be able to get cash in hand when they come to sell their old car as scrap.

A spokesperson, Jahan Zeb, from one of CarTakeBack's recycling centres, CarTakeBack - Glasgow, commented on the new laws;

"We welcome the new cash ban and hope that it will help to combat metal theft and some of the illegal operators."

In line with the introduction of the new cash ban, all CarTakeBack recycling centres will pay customers for their old cars by cheque or electronic transfer.