Official Car Recyclers For The Peugeot Scrappage Scheme

Posted on 08 September 2017 by CarTakeBack

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Peugeot are the latest car maker to announce that they will be launching a scrappage scheme. The Peugeot Scrappage Scheme, which runs until the end of the year, is open to owners of vehicles more than 7 years old and offers customers up to £7,000 scrappage incentive depending on which model they choose.

Peugeot's scheme states that;

"All qualifying vehicles signed over to us under the Peugeot Scrappage Scheme will be permanently taken off the road and scrapped responsibly, in conjunction with current legal guidance, by our recycling partners, CarTakeBack™."

CarTakeBack is Peugeot's exclusively approved car recycling partner and we're looking forward to working with Peugeot dealerships during the scheme. Peugeot can rest assured that all scrappage cars will be recycled responsibly in line with the latest regulations.

Peugeot Scrap Car Recycling Partner

Senior Sales Manager from CarTakeBack, Kathryn Byng said;

"All cars and vans recycled with CarTakeBack through Peugeot's scheme will be recycled by our licensed operators. Our secure link to DVLA’s national vehicle registration database allows us to provide dealers with vital evidence that the scrappage cars have been responsibly recycled. Giving dealerships the security and efficiency they need throughout the Peugeot Scrappage Programme.”

Peugeot has trusted CarTakeBack as their official scrap car recycling partner since the government's End of Life Vehicle regulations first came in back in 2005. The regulations include tough environmental standards including a target for all scrap cars to be recycled to 95% and only licensed sites are permitted to recycle cars. CarTakeBack has met or exceeded these recycling targets each and every year through our network of fully licensed car recycling centres.
All cars and vans recycled throughout the Peugeot Scrappage Scheme will be issued with a DVLA Certificate of Destruction. This vital document proves that cars have been recycled responsibly at an authorised site in line with the law and cannot be returned to the road.
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