Renault Returns For Responsible Recycling

Posted on 06 January 2017 by CarTakeBack

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Since the Government announced the End of Life Vehicle regulations back in 2005, the car makers have been responsible for what happens to the cars they produce when they're no longer roadworthy. CarTakeBack has been the official car recycling partner to many car makers, including Renault for ten years since that time, and has seen the recycling targets increase from 85% to 95%, but has always been ahead of the game.

During 2016, Renault tested a different car recycling partner, but after less than a year away, CarTakeBack are pleased to welcome Renault back into the fold and once again be their official scrap car recycling partner.

Roger Bailey, Manager, Homologation & Environmental Legislation for Renault said:

"We're really pleased to be partners with CarTakeBack once again, who we know will provide our customers with an efficient car recycling service in accordance with the End of Life Vehicle regulations. It's good to know that the Government's recycling target of 95% is being met for all of the cars recycled through CarTakeBack."

This means that once again, no matter where they are in the UK, Renault owners are within easy reach of a CarTakeBack recycling centre where they're entitled to free disposal of their old car. This even includes the remote highlands and islands where it can be expensive to get your car recycled due to the lack of infrastructure and distances involved.