Scrap Car Price Update January 2020

Posted on 31 January 2020 by CarTakeBack

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We've eased our way in to 2020 as have the scrap prices, no major upsets and also, no major rises to prices either. In fact scrap car prices on offer in January 2020 were around the same as those seen through much of 2019, just 1% lower than the average scrap metal prices that we saw at the end of last year. They are however also slightly lower than those seen this time last year. So as 2019 was relatively stable, except for a dip in the autumn, this year could be off to a similar steady start.

Scrap Car Price Comparison January 2020


About CarTakeBack's Scrap Car Price Index

The CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Index is a rolling monthly index covering the last 13 months. It's updated monthly using the prices paid for scrap cars at CarTakeBack recycling centres throughout the UK. The prices are shown as a percentage, using the first month as the base price.

We've taken into account that cars come in all shapes and sizes, which has an effect on their scrap value, by adjusting the prices to show what the average car would be worth. This means that the index gives a great indication of the movement in the value of scrap cars from one month to another.

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Most popular car colour

As SMMT announced this month that the most popular car colour is now grey, we'd looked back at which was the most popular colour car that we scrapped in 2019. The majority of cars that our customers sold for scrap were silver. Looking back at SMMT data we can see that, 15 years ago (the average age of a scrap car is 15), the most popular colour for new cars was of course silver! It had a good run as being the nations favourite car colour too, from 2000 to 2008 it was our favourite!

Compare scrap prices for your car

It's easy to find out how much your car is worth as scrap, all you have to do is enter your car registration and postcode on our website and you'll instantly see the value of your car and be able to compare prices from local scrap metal buyers. You may be asked a few questions about the condition of your car, this is so that we can give you the most accurate price. It only takes a moment and there's no obligation. Plus quotes are valid for seven days, meaning that if scrap prices did drop, you'd still get the best price for your scrap car.

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