CarTakeBack are supporting the ULEZ car and motorcycle scrappage scheme

Posted on 13 November 2019 by CarTakeBack

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Exciting news for motorists in London! Transport for London has announced a £25m scrappage scheme for cars and motorcycles, the scheme targets low-income and disabled Londoners. This will run alongside their current van scrappage scheme aimed at micro businesses, sole traders and charities.

With the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in April 2019, both scrappage schemes aim to help Londoners who live and work in the city, make the change to a compliant vehicle.

The new car and motorcycle scheme allows motorists to apply for a grant of £2,000 for scrapping a car or £1,000 for scrapping a motorcycle or moped. Terms and conditions and how to apply for the scheme can be found on the Transport for London website

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How to scrap your vehicle

CarTakeBack is proud to be supporting the scrappage scheme and the Mayor's ambition to tackle London's toxic air by recycling the cars and motorcycles surrendered. See us featured on the TfL Third Party Promotions Page.  

We'll ensure every vehicle recycled as part the ULEZ scrappage scheme will receive a DVLA Certificate of Destruction (or Notification of Destruction in the case of a motorcycle), this vital document will allow motorists to complete their claim with TfL. This link must be used to submit vehicles as part of the TfL scrappage scheme to ensure the required paperwork. You should only scrap your vehicle after you've been approved by TfL.

A report by City Hall on the first six months of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone shows there are now 13,500 fewer polluting vehicles being driven into Central London every day! With 77% of all vehicles in the zone now meeting ULEZ emissions standards, this latest car scrappage scheme can only increase these numbers and improve air quality further.