Ultra Low Emission Zone Improves Air Quality

Posted on 20 May 2019 by CarTakeBack

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Great news for Londoners and anyone visiting the capital. Researchers have found that the Ultra Low Emission Zone, introduced in April, is already having a positive impact on the city's air quality.

With polluting vehicles accounting for around half of London's harmful NOx air emissions (the combination of nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide), and air pollution costing the city over £3 billion a year, London launched the world’s first Ultra-Low Emission Zone. Research by the Mayor of London's Office shows NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) concentrations have fallen by around 20% since 2017, suggesting the Ultra Low Emission Zone is already having a positive impact on London's air quality.

Chart showing results of the ULEZ

Source: Fleet News

It is thought that people are beginning to make the switch to cleaner low emission vehicles, with around 58% fewer non-compliant vehicles in the zone since the scheme was first announced in February 2017.

Small businesses and charities affected by the ULEZ charges can take advantage of TfL's van scrappage scheme and receive funding to help make the switch to a lower emission vehicle. They could receive up to £6,000 towards a ULEZ compliant vehicle when they scrap their older polluting van. As you'd expect, as the UK's largest network of scrap vehicle recycling centres, CarTakeBack.com are supporting the van scrappage scheme by recycling the vans scrapped as part of the scheme. To ensure you get the right paperwork when scrapping a van as part of the TfL scheme, visit our TfL van scrappage page.

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