We've Hit The Target!

Posted on 01 July 2016 by CarTakeBack

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OK, so it may not be as big an announcement as the result of the EU referendum, but today is a big deal for the scrap car recycling industry! It's the official deadline for businesses to report whether or not they've met the government's scrap car recycling target.

We're pleased to announce that CarTakeBack's scrap car recycling centres and car maker partners have been successful in recycling a massive 95% of every car scrapped during 2015! Find out more about CarTakeBack's responsible car recycling.

Look out for the 95% recycling seal displayed
by businesses that have hit the target

Steve Norgrove from CarTakeBack commented "Achieving the annual recycling target set by the End of Life Vehicle Regulations is no mean feat, but our investment in the latest recycling technologies makes sure we stay ahead of the game."

This is one piece of EU legislation that we feel has certainly made a difference, as CarTakeBack alone has so far prevented 500,000 tonnes of material from being dumped as landfill. If it helps you to put that into perspective, that's the same weight as 2,750 blue whales! And to put that into perspective, check out this interactive tool on the National Geographic website