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Need to sell your scrap car quickly in Girvan? CarTakeBack gives the best prices for your car, instantly, with our online quote service. Your quote is saved for seven days. With CarTakeBack you can...

  • Sell your scrap car
  • Drop your car off at a local branch with our reference number
  • Arrange scrap car collection

Plus, all the paperwork is sorted for you by the local branch and all cars that need recycling are done so in line with the law.

Before visiting our Girvan branch, be sure to get your free quote first. It takes no time at all!

Local scrap car recycling in Girvan

Scrap your car in Girvan

Girvan is a burgh and harbour town in Carrick, South Ayrshire, Scotland. Girvan is situated on the east coast of the Firth of Clyde. CarTakeBack can collect your car from anywhere in the area including...

  • Pinmore
  • Barr
  • Dailly
  • Turnberry

And all other areas in and around Girvan and across Scotland!

We collect cars from Girvan and surrounding areas

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CarTakeBack - Girvan

Byne Hill Mill Road, Girvan, Ayrshire KA26 0HT

Environmental permit WML/W/220120

Call 0330 818 85 50

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What cars do you buy?

At CarTakeBack in Girvan, we can give you a free quote for any car in any condition. With us you can:

  • Sell a car that has failed its MOT
  • Sell a car with high mileage
  • Sell a car without keys
  • Sell a car without a logbook
  • Sell a damaged car
  • Sell a non-starting car

Please note that factors like the above will affect your quotation, and you will be expected to declare any and all factors when getting your quote. We will also assume your car is free from major damage unless told otherwise.

Reviews of CarTakeBack

Don’t just take our word for it, check out this review from a customer about their experience of selling their car to CarTakeBack...

5 Star CarTakeBack Review

“The man who picked up the car was ever so helpful, he pushed the old Ka out of the car park to where the pickup truck was. He was very friendly and it was so good of him to push the car as it would have been impossible to get the truck through the alley to the car park. 10/10 service. Very happy."

– Mrs JR Jones, who sold her Ford KA with CarTakeBack

Read more of our customer reviews and find out about our five Star Platinum Trusted Service certification

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Other CarTakeBack branches in Scotland

If you would prefer to use a different local branch in Scotland, we're pleased to operate several other accessible branches across the entire area besides Girvan. Find out more about all our branches in Scotland and beyond >