Working with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

CarTakeBack working with Defra

The Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Environment Agencies are responsible for regulating the treatment and recycling of cars in the UK, through enforcement of the End of Life Vehicle regulations.

Businesses that must comply with legal obligations under these regulations are car makers and importers who were responsible for putting the cars on UK roads in the first place, as well as car recycling centres handling those cars at the end of their useful life.

CarTakeBack works closely with Defra to ensure that our contracted car makers and car recycling centres comply with the law. We are a long-standing participant in the Government's end of life vehicle consultation group, which meets regularly to discuss matters affecting the industry.

CarTakeBack ensures that our car makers meet their obligation to provide an accessible take-back service across the UK, to all last owners of their brands. CarTakeBack achieves this through the provision of a national network of Authorised Treatment Facilities and take-back points across the UK, supplemented by a collection service in the more remote parts of the country such as the Scottish highlands and islands.

Each year CarTakeBack reports to Defra on behalf of our contracted car makers and car recycling centres to demonstrate that 95% of the weight of every car handled has been reused, recycled and recovered. CarTakeBack's accomplishments form a major part of the UK's overall recycling target achievement, which Defra reports to the European Commission on behalf of the UK, to demonstrate its achievement as a European member state.

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