How to check the emissions of a new car

Follow these steps to check the CO2 emissions of a new, unregistered car.

Before you start

You'll need to know:

  • The make and model of the new car

First you need to visit the online CO2 emissions checker.

Step 1 of checking the emissions of a new car

Select 'New Car' from the list and click 'Next'. The website will then ask for details about the car, including the manufacturer, model, the description (what engine option the car has), fuel type, gear box and engine power.

Find new car details


You can narrow down your search precisely by entering information in every box - the drop-down lists will give you relevant options.

If you wish to see the details for more vehicles you can fill in just the first few boxes and leave the rest of the selections on 'All'. The website will show you the details of every new car of that model it has on its database when you click 'Next'.


Find new car final results page