Official Car Recycling Partner to Ford

Official scrap car recycling partner to Ford

Ford are a household name when it comes to cars, they've been making them since 1903! Ford is the second-largest U.S.-based car maker and the fifth-largest in the world. They're known for making models like the Fiesta and the Focus, which can be seen on UK roads daily. 

Scrap Ford Recycling

Unfortunately, our cars don't last forever, if you're the owner of a Ford that's beyond repair, you're in the right place to have it recycled to the highest standard.

All car makers have to provide their customers with a way to recycle their car, no matter where they are in the UK. CarTakeBack were chosen by Ford to be their approved scrap car recycling partner, giving you somewhere to recycle your old Ford Mondeo, Ford KA, or whatever model you own, in line with the law, no matter where you are in the UK.

With hundreds of scrap car recycling centres across the UK, you can rely on us to take the hassle out of recycling your car. There's no need to worry if your old car isn't a Ford, it doesn't matter what make and model of car you own, we scrap any car to the same high standard that we do for Ford!

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Have Your Car Responsibly Recycled

Simply tell us your car registration and postcode and you'll instantly see how much your car is worth. We'll save your quote for seven days.

When you decide to go ahead and have your old car recycled, you'll have the choice of either arranging for your car to be collected at a time to suit you or dropping your car off at your local CarTakeBack branch whenever you like, during the opening hours.

We'll make sure that your old car is responsibly recycled and we'll send you a DVLA Certificate of Destruction to prove that your car is no longer on the road.

Automotive Battery Recycling

CarTakeBack work with Ford Motor Company to provide free to use take back points for end of life automotive batteries. If you have an automotive battery you’d like to return for recycling, please contact our customer services team who will direct you to your nearest facility.

5 star CarTakeBack review

"Excellent. Top rate. Quite possibly the best service I have used. Everything was straightforward from filling in the application, getting quote, phone call to arrange collection and best of all the collection driver was a proper gent. He fully explained everything that was happening and the next steps and also reassured me about the company and how they properly deal with scrap vehicles. The whole experience was a pleasure!"

- Alex from Birmingham who recycled their old Ford Mondeo with CarTakeBack