Scrappage Package For Garages and MOT Centres

Supporting your Scrappage Needs

CarTakeBack provides a scrap car recycling service to the general public and many business customers including vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, garages, MOT Centres, police forces, auction houses and local authorities.

Offer a Free Recycling Service

Whether an MOT failure or a car just not worth the repair, you can offer your customers a fast and efficient way to dispose of their old car. 

Get a no obligation, instant valuation for any vehicle.

Get a Scrap Car Recycling Account

Get in touch with us to register for your scrap car recycling account.

You can also use your account to access the FREE Scrap Car Quote app from CarTakeBack. Download the FREE app from CarTakeBack.

Scrap car recycling app

Free Collection is the UK's largest network of scrap car recycling centres with 300 licensed centres across the UK. We offer free and fast collection from anywhere in the UK, taking the hassle out of getting the car to a scrap yard, or arranging recovery for a non-runner.
By providing a solution for customers, there won't be cars filling up your site whilst customers decide what's best to do with them.

Great Prices

We offer great prices for old cars, take care of all of the DVLA paperwork, it's no wonder the public and businesses alike turn to CarTakeBack to handle their car recycling needs. In fact our network of recycling centres have now issued over 5 million Certificates of Destruction!

MOT Centre

Responsible Car Recycling

CarTakeBack ensures that all vehicles recycled under scrappage schemes are treated with no harm to the environment, all hazardous materials such as oils, batteries and tyres are responsibly disposed of. A massive 95% of every single car is recycled in accordance with the government's End of Life Vehicle regulations.

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