CarTakeBack Scrappage Package For Vehicle Manufacturers

Scrappage Schemes Made Easy

CarTakeBack's established Scrappage Package makes it easy for vehicle manufacturers and dealerships to dispose of vehicles traded in as part of a scrappage scheme.

Our brand specific dealer portals take the hassle out of the administration, and our nationwide network of collectors and scrap car recycling centres offer prompt, reliable service in full compliance with environmental legislation, all whilst delivering excellent value for each scrap vehicle. As the industry experts, you can be sure that CarTakeBack will ensure your scrappage scheme is run professionally, efficiently and compliantly. During the 2009 UK Scrappage Scheme, we successfully processed 60% of all End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) - facilitating £480m worth of public claims and returning £20m to vehicle manufacturer and dealer partners - with each and every vehicle scrapped covered by a Certificate of Destruction (COD). We are repeating this success with the vehicle manufacturer lead schemes which started in 2017, and in some cases remain ongoing.

Find out how dealerships can set up accounts and use our secure portal to arrange for the collection and recycling of scrappage vehicles.

Scrappage Cars

About CarTakeBack

CarTakeBack operates the largest network of ATFs in the UK, and is proud to have been the approved scrap car recycling partner for many vehicle manufacturers since the introduction of the End of Life Vehicle regulations by the government in 2005. We work closely with various partners such as Defra - to ensure that our network remains fully compliant - and DVLA - to ensure our COD system remains the best in the industry – amongst others, so you can be confident in our ability to keep you and your customers fully compliant.

To discuss working with us to support your scrappage needs, please get in touch.