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Check out which scrappage schemes are available

Are you thinking about scrapping your car or van? If so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best price for it, you can either get an instant price for scrapping your car, or if you’re looking to replace it you might be considering a scrappage scheme.

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CarTakeBack and Scrappage Schemes

There have been various scrappage schemes in the UK since the 2009/10 government led scheme, which saw drivers given an average of £2,000 discount against the purchase of a new car in exchange for scrapping their old one. The discount comprised £1,000 from the government and £1,000 from the car maker, and cars had to be a minimum of 10 years old to qualify. Almost 400,000 cars were bought under the scheme in just 10 months, with CarTakeBack’s authorised scrap car recycling centres handling the responsible recycling of 60% of the scrappage vehicles traded under the scheme. In the years since, car makers and dealerships have facilitated their own independent schemes, and CarTakeBack again provided support to many of these, and continues to do so where they are still in place.

Which scrappage deal is right for you?

To help you choose the right deal for your scrap car, we’ve compiled a list of current schemes for you to compare scrappage offers. If you aren’t interested in a scrappage deal for your old car, you can still get an instant, no obligation price to scrap your car by entering your reg and postcode here.

With our scrappage scheme comparison you can see which schemes are currently available as well as the key details of each scheme including:

  • How much scrappage discount you can get off a new car
  • Which new models are available in the scrappage deals
  • How long you have to have owned the scrap car
  • When the scrappage scheme finishes

Your eligibility for schemes is often dependent on, but not limited to, the age of your car, how long you’ve owned the car, and sometimes which fuel emissions standard the engine meets, and the fuel type for the car. Whilst most scrappage schemes focus on your vehicle being recycled, some “swappage” schemes mean your vehicle can be resold and returned to the road, rather than having to be recycled.

Scrappage Scheme Comparison 2024

Scrappage schemes have varying terms and conditions, so always check the details with the dealership to make sure you’re eligible for the discount.

Last updated: 14th March 2024

Which scrappage schemes are currently available in the UK?

Vehicle manufacturers currently have schemes available, including;

As well as vehicle manufacturer lead schemes, there are alternative schemes lead by others, including;

How much scrappage discount can you get?

Compare the discount you could get from various scrappage schemes, be aware that deals usually relate to a specific list of models so always check with your local dealership for details.

Tip: you can move this table side to side on mobile devices if required.

Scrappage SchemeScrappage Discount
Renault "New for Old" Scheme£750 - £2,750
Birmingham Scrappage Scheme£2,000 - £4,000
Scotland - Low Emission Zone Support FundUp to £3,000
TfL ULEZ Scrappage Scheme - cars and motorcycles£200 - £5,000
TfL ULEZ Scrappage Scheme - vans and minibuses£7,000 - £11,500

How long do you need to have owned the scrap car for?

One condition which must be met for you to be eligible for a scrappage scheme is it that you usually have to have owned the scrap car for a minimum number of days.

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Scrappage SchemeScrap Car Ownership Period
Renault "New for Old" Scheme90 days
Birmingham Scrappage SchemeNA
Scotland - Low Emission Zone Support Fund12 months
TfL ULEZ Scrappage Scheme - cars and motorcyclesPre 30 Jan 2022
TfL ULEZ Scrappage Scheme - vans and minibusesPre 30 Jan 2022

When does the scrappage scheme finish?

Compare when schemes are due to finish. Dates may change so always check with the dealership.

Tip: you can move this table side to side on mobile devices if required.

Scrappage SchemeScrappage Scheme End Date
Renault "New for Old" Scheme3rd January 2024
Birmingham Scrappage SchemeOngoing
Scotland - Low Emission Zone Support FundOngoing
TfL ULEZ Scrappage Scheme - cars and motorcyclesOngoing
TfL ULEZ Scrappage Scheme - vans and minibusesOngoing

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