Transport for London Scrappage Scheme

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The scheme is not currently accepting new applicants. See which scrappage schemes are currently available in the UK>

The Transport for London ULEZ Scrappage Schemes rewards commuters in the capital when they scrap car or motorcycle. The scheme offers you £2,000 for your scrap car, and £1,000 for your scrap motorcycle or moped. Plus there are some added offers from third parties on top of these amounts! We've compiled some key details about the TfL Scrappage Schemes to give you an overview.

Before scrapping your vehicle you should first check the criteria and apply through the TfL website, await confirmation that you're eligible for the scheme, then you can scrap your vehicle.

Last updated: 14th April 2022.

Transport for London

What's available through the TfL scrappage scheme?

On top of a cash incentive to scrap your old vehicle you could be eligible for more offers including;

  • Car club membership and credit
  • Discount off a new ULEZ compliant vehicle
  • Car finance deals

Are you eligible for the TfL scrappage scheme?

Eligibility for the schemes is more complex than car maker lead schemes. For full details as to whether you are eligible for the schemes, you need to check the TfL website and apply for the schemes.

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CarTakeBack will handle the recycling of your old vehicle and even pay you the scrap value, another bonus! Find out more >

When does the TfL scrappage scheme end?

The Transport for London ULEZ scheme is ongoing until the available funding has been claimed!

To find out more about the schemes, visit the TfL website.

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