Scrap Your Motorcycle for the TfL Scrappage Scheme

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Supporting the TfL scrappage scheme

How do I scrap my motorcycle?

To ensure your motorcycle is recycled responsibly and you receive the correct paperwork, just enter your registration and postcode in the form below. We will collect and recycle it free of charge.

As motorcycles are outside of the ELV regulations it is not possible to issue a Certificate of Destruction. Your motorcycle will still be recycled to highest standards and a Notification of Destruction will be issued, you'll need this to be able to claim for your grant through the TfL scheme.

To ensure that you get a Notification of Destruction for your motorcycle with CarTakeBack please only use the form below, or call us stating that you are taking part in the TfL scheme and scrapping a motorcycle.

The price quoted on this page is available for TfL Motorcycle Scrappage Scheme collections in the Greater London area only. If you are outside this area, please get a quote for your vehicle by clicking here.

Please note: using this form doesn't mean that you will be eligible or approved for the TfL scheme.

If you are scrapping a car as part of the TfL scrappage scheme please visit our car form.

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