Scrap Your Van for the TfL Van Scrappage Scheme

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Supporting the Tfl scrappage scheme


Wanting to scrap your van to take advantage of the TfL Van Scrappage Scheme?

You're in the right place! CarTakeBack are the UK's largest scrap vehicle recycling network and make it easy to scrap your van. CarTakeBack have full Authorised Treatment Facility coverage in and around the London area, fully licensed to scrap and recycle old vehicles efficiently and responsibly.

How do I scrap my van?

To get the best price for your scrap van instantly, just enter your registration and postcode in the form below. Prices are valid for seven days and you can have your old van collected from anywhere at a time to suit you. You'll get paid for your van and also get your all-important DVLA Certificate of Destruction, which you'll need to be able to claim for your grant through the TfL scheme.
To ensure that you get a DVLA Certificate of Destruction for your van with CarTakeBack please only use the form below, or call us stating that you are taking part in the TfL scheme. Please note: using this form doesn't mean that you will be eligible or approved for the TfL scheme.

Is my van eligible for the scrappage scheme?

To find out, you should first check the criteria and apply through the TfL website, then await approval before scrapping your van.

Please note that the price quoted on this page is available for TfL Van Scrappage Scheme collections in the Greater London area only. If you are outside this area, please get a quote for your vehicle by clicking here.

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 You can get an instant quote to scrap your van outside of the TfL scheme here.