CarTakeBack Win A Car Competition Winners

Posted on 1st Sep 2015 by Alison Price Posted in: Customer Spotlight

CarTakeBack Gives Away Brand New Cars

Motorists who need to recycle their car will always get excellent service and a good deal with, and some lucky people won a brand new car through our competitions that we ran in 2014 and 2015. Check out some of our winners in their brand new cars!

Competition winner Margaret and their new Ford KA

“It means that I can have my life back properly at the moment because I wasn’t expecting to have one for a whole year so thinking I would have to redistribute my whole life in different ways but it means I’ll be able to decide, I’ll have the freedom. It will be absolutely wonderful.”

Margaret Rose

Competition winner Allan and their new Mitsubishi

“I’ve never won something so big before and it’s made a nice start to my family’s year. As my wife is going to take driving lessons later on this year, I thought that she can have the car and it will all be ready when she passes her test!”

“I just want to say on behalf of my family and myself, a very very big thank you to and to Alison Price who presented me with the keys on the big day. I would just like to invite those individuals out there who are thinking of using a recycling company for their used car to use because you’ll get a great price and you never know if this blessing will fall on you just like it did for me….GOOD LUCK!”

Allan Watkinson

Competition winner Brian with their new red Mitsubishi

“Wahoo! Thanks CarTakeBack for making our day. I plan to wash this one slightly more often than the old bangers we normally own!”

Brian Clemo

Competition winner Alex with their new white Mitsubishi

“I gave CarTakeBack my old banger, they gave me a cheque for it AND a shiny new car. Just wondering if they’d be interested in my old sofa and microwave?!?!?”

“Thanks again CarTakeBack!”

Alex Frear

Compeition winners Jim and Maureen with their new white Mitsubishi

“We have told everyone who would listen, they were all amazed but very pleased saying it was lovely to hear people really did win cars!! We would like to say a very big thank you to for our new car we have never won anything before so to win a car is fantastic thank you again.”

Jim and Maureen Ridsdale

Competition winner Ewa with their new green Mitsubishi

“When I heard I’d won a brand new car I was in a state of shock and it took a while to sink in. Even when I was given the keys I still couldn’t believe it was really happening. I’ve been driving since 1976 and have never owned a brand new car!”

“Winning this car means a great deal – no need to worry about breaking down. It gives me freedom to travel anywhere not having to worry whether I will get to my destination. It is important to me to have a working car especially for the simple things such as being able to bring shopping home. Carrying shopping bags affects my mobility. The burden of costly repairs has also been lifted! Thank you very much!!!!!!! You make people happy by providing excellent service and being generous.”

Ewa Lawrence

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