Approved Scrap Car Recycling for smart UK Automotive Ltd

CarTakeBack is the approved car recycling partner to smart UK Automotive Ltd

Trusted to recycle cars for smart UK Automotive Ltd

Whilst you may be familiar with the old smart brand, responsible for putting their internal combustion engine powered city cars on the road in the UK, smart UK Automotive Ltd are in fact a new and different brand. Responsible for launching their brand new range of battery electric vehicles onto UK roads, smart UK Automotive Ltd are well positioned to add a popular alternative to the existing EV offerings in the UK.

smart car recycling

If your smart EV is beyond repair, CarTakeBack are the right company to ensure it’s responsibly recycled in line with the law. All car makers are accountable for what happens to the vehicles that they manufacture when they are no longer roadworthy. CarTakeBack are the official scrap car recycling partner to smart UK Automotive Ltd. So when your smart EV is ready to be recycled, CarTakeBack will ensure that 95% of your car is recycled, in line with the law, and you can relax knowing that by choosing CarTakeBack your EV is being recycled by the approved partner for smart UK Automotive Ltd.

Don’t worry, we’ll recycle any other make and model of car to the same standard as we do for smart UK Automotive Ltd too!

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Get an instant quote for your car and arrange for your car to be collected at a time to suit you. Your car will be responsibly recycled in line with the law. Plus, the important paperwork will be handled for you, one less thing to worry about!

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