Official Car Recyclers For Polestar

CarTakeBack is the approved car recycling partner to Polestar

Exclusive vehicle recycling for Polestar

Swedish automotive brand Polestar were established in 1996 and aim to improve the society we live in by accelerating the change to sustainable mobility. They produce high-end electric performance cars which are becoming a common sight on our roads.

Electric vehicle recycling

All car manufacturers have to provide their customers with access to an Authorised Treatment Facility, no matter where they are in the UK, where their old car can be responsibly recycled when it reaches the end of its life. CarTakeBack were chosen by Polestar as their official recycling partner, giving last owners of Polestar vehicles somewhere to recycle them in line with the law.

The CarTakeBack network is made up of hundreds of authorised car recycling centres across the UK, you can rely on us to take the hassle out of recycling your car. We don’t just recycle Polestar vehicles though – we can dispose of any car to the same high standard that we do for Polestar.

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How to recycle your car responsibly

To recycle your car, just tell us your car registration and postcode, using our online form or by calling our Customer Services Team, you’ll instantly see how much your car is worth. Your quote will be valid for seven days.

When you choose to go ahead and have your car recycled, you’ll have the choice of either arranging for your car to be collected at a time to suit you, or dropping your car off at your local CarTakeBack recycling centre.

Our authorised car recycling centres will make sure that your vehicle is responsibly recycled in line with the law and we’ll send you a DVLA Certificate of Destruction to prove that your car is no longer on the road.

Get a scrap car quote

It doesn’t matter if your car isn’t a Polestar, we recycle all makes of car to the highest standard. To recycle your car, get started with an instant quote, just tell us your car registration and postcode.

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