Sad Or Glad To Say Goodbye To Your Old Car? 2016

Posted on 6th May 2016 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Customer Spotlight

Customers Say Goodbye To Their Old Cars

For most of us it’s either a cause for celebration or commiseration when we scrap our old cars and vans. CarTakeBack customers have sent in their photos and told us if they’re sad or glad to say goodbye to their old vehicle, and why!

Before you say goodbye to your old car – Don’t forget to send us a photo!

“Feeling sad… Some good memories with this one!”

Nicholas with his Ford KA

“Bye Nissan… So Sad”

Tricia sells her Nissan Micra

“My husband harry sayin good bye to his beloved car, such a sad day”

Lorraine and her husband

“Sad to see it go! Your guy was great this morning; courteous, speedy, professional etc. I don’t suppose it was the easiest pick up he’d ever had.”

Sophie and her Vauxhall

“RIP my first car… we had some good times but that head gasket was a fix too far”


“Cannot recommend you enough! Thank you for such a smooth and easy transaction… Cheerio to my lovely Submarine <3”

Cas’s Vauxhall van

“RIP Joan… my first car! Been my trademark for the past 10 years, very sad to see her go. Thanks CarTakeBack for a great service!”

Fay says goodbye to her car

“My very trusted Toyota gone to the scrappy in the sky. RIP. CarTakeBack are very friendly people, dealt with them before and will do again in future.”

Suzanne and her Toyota

“Saying good bye to this reliable runner after 4.5 years. Not bad for a 100 quid!”

Okeli sold his Renault to CarTakeBack

“It’s been a good car”

Paul’s Daughter waves goodbye to their old car

“Gutted my old SAAB is away… but thanks for a fast, efficient service 😭

Derek Smith


“Saying goodbye to my first car!! 😱😪😢 But saying hello to a sexy new one 😍😍😍😍


“Farewell girl. It’s been nice knowing you.”


“Sad to see my Yaris go, travelled the length and breadth of the country shared many adventures together 😕


“It was a brilliant car. I had it for 9 years. So sad that is going to go today. Even my sons kissed it goodbye :(“

Sadaf Khan

“Happy to see the back of my old car which was just sitting there and the money I got is paying for a skydive for charity.”

Juanita Tarn

“Good bye our car it’s time to go. It’s sad to see it go but it was a hard working car”

Paul Evison

“Just lost my first car as it was a non runner and had to be scrapped. It meant everything to me and was so sad to see it go. One day I’ll see you again mate.”


“My daughters gutted to be getting rid of her first car today! Bye Trevor! 😢💔


“Gonna miss her”


customer looking sad with their car

“Saying goodbye to my first ever car. Will miss you violet you’ve been a star⭐😢 Hello to my new car, who’s hopefully gonna take me safely on life’s new journeys 😄 x”

Amber Buttery

silver car being loaded on to a truck

“Today, I said goodbye to an old and loyal friend. We have been through so much together, from first dates (with my now wife), to numerous house moves and significant journeys. Never once did you let me down, and you bailed me out of trouble on countless occasions. You never failed to start and did more than was ever asked of you. My life won’t be the same without your reassuring presence. If you have a car to scrap, CarTakeBack UK take all the hassle out of it. Super easy and caring service with great communication.”

Andy Mansfield

Man smiling with his thumb up stood next to his old silver car

“Good bye dear friend… I’ll miss the car too!”

Tracy Cope

Woman stood smiling with her old car

“Bye bye C-Max. A very hard-working little car it was too – seen us through a lot. Am actually quite sorry to see it go. Thanks very much to the guy who came to collect it. He had such a nightmare trying to get it loaded up as a result of the two slashed tyres! But he was really good-humoured the whole time. 👍🏻⭐️

Sarah March-Collings

blue car on the back of a truck, child stood next to it looking sad

“See Ya!!! Just been talking about my good times with the car and feeling very emosh!”


Photo of a car and a customer looking sad with caption "Sad to see my faithful REGGIE go today"

“Sad to see my faithful Reggie go. Sad times today. End of an era for my trusty car today. Being taken away to the scrap. 😢😢. Many years of loyal service thanks Reggie.”

Maxine from Royal Tunbridge Wells

Car loaded on to the back of a truck

“Bye bye Citroën, not sorry to see you go, you were a lot of trouble!”

Kate from Sutton in Ashfield

selfie of a customer with her old car

“A sad day. I’m going to cry 🙁 “

Louise Mason

photo of a man in his old car

“The car did the best it could. Peugeot has just been taken and is on its way to you, although there were problems with the car, for the most part the car did the best it could, in summary I’m a little bit sad to see it go. Brilliant service provided, would definitely recommend.”

Kevin J Turner from Kent

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