Storms Smiles and Sorrows As Customer Say Goodbye To Cars

Posted on 2nd Mar 2020 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Customer Spotlight

The weather has been rough as we moved into the first few months of the year, with storms causing havoc across the country, CarTakeBack doesn’t stop with a bit of wind and rain though, and here are some of our favourite selfies and goodbyes from customers that have had their cars collected and recycled recently.

It’s always an emotional day, getting rid of your car, be it sorrow at losing a loyal vehicle, or joy at getting rid of a money pit. Whatever your feelings about your old motor, when the time comes for it to go, CarTakeBack are here for you!

Here’s some recent CarTakeBack customer selfies and comments about their old cars and how they feel about scrapping them…

Selfie of a man with his old car

“After 16 years, it’s goodbye. What a great car the Golf has been.”

David Bland bids his Volkswagen Golf farewell after a long service!

Selfie of a customer with her car

“The last selfie with my car… Christmas is tomorrow, so …no place for sadness and sorrow…. Merry Christmas!”

Mirela Sidău says a festive goodbye to her old car.

Selfie of a man in sunglasses with his car

Peter Vincent said goodbye to his BMW as he scrapped it on a frosty morning.

Man wiping a tear and looking sad with his van

“The van and I have both retired. After 12 years and 315,000 miles it’s Adios amigo.”

Ray Osborne says a sad goodbye as he retires along with his van.

Cars loaded on to a truck and customer looking happy

Big smiles as he says goodbye to his scrap car!

Lupescu Radu describes our scrap car recycling service as “Fast and easy!”.

Selfie of a man with his old car and a poo emoji!

“Getting rid of this piece of green 💩 today… See ya, hope it hurts when they crush ya!”

With that comment, there’s no doubt that Andrew Brock was definitely happy to see his car get scrapped!

Woman leaning on her old car bonnet

“Bye bye car. You served me well for 10 years x”

Susan Steed said it was time for the Peugeot to go, but it served her well.

Would you be sad or glad to say goodbye to your car?

When the time comes for you to scrap your old car, get an instant quote from CarTakeBack and join our customers in saying goodbye to their old cars.

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