How To Donate A Car To Charity

Posted on 21st Aug 2018 by CarTakeBack Posted in: In The Know

How to raise money for charity with your car

There’s so many ways to fundraise for a charity that’s important to you. A more unusual way to donate is with your old car! CarTakeBack launched Charity Car back in 2011 and has helped thousands of people to get rid of their old, unwanted cars and help worthy causes by donating the value of their cars to charity.

It doesn’t matter whether your old car is ready to scrap, or is still roadworthy, you can donate it to raise funds for your chosen charity. Donating your car is easy, and it won’t cost a penny.

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Charity Car has a variety of Official Partners, Rainforest Foundation, Oxfam, Cancer Research, The Air Ambulance Service, WWF, and lots more causes that are dear to people’s hearts. The charities are set out into categories to make it easy for you to find the cause you want to donate to:

  • Children
  • Environment & Animals
  • Health
  • International Aid
  • Rescue
  • Welfare & Community

When you’re ready to donate your car you’ll need to let Charity Car know some details about you and your car. Then we’ll arrange with you to have your car collected at a time to suit you.

The value of your car can vary, but whether your car raises a smaller amount by being recycled, or is sold at auction and raises a few hundred pounds, donating your car can make a real difference. Your car could raise money to help to save a rainforest, run an animal shelter, or fund important medical research, there are so many possibilities!

Find out more and donate your car with Charity Car >

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