CarTakeBack Sponsors Camey Dorrell in BriSCA V8 Hotstox

Posted on 12th May 2022 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Just For Fun

Profile on racing driver Camey Dorrell

Over the last year, you may have noticed that inbetween the Facebook posts about our responsible car recycling service, there’s been some exciting updates of a rather different nature… The incredible rise of Camey Dorrell, taking V8 Hotstox by storm! As her season sponsors, we’ve loved watching her progress in this adrenaline-fuelled sport.

If you didn’t know, British Stock Car Racing Association (BriSCA) V8 Hotstox, is a stock car racing formula on short oval circuits, using full size stock cars powered by Rover V8s. It’s exciting, it’s fast and events are hosted all over the UK, so there are some dedicated fans travelling the length and breadth of the country to watch their favourite drivers. Although it’s an action packed formula with its own following, it’s also considered a stepping stone to the BriSCA F1 series, and many top drivers earned their places through success in V8 Hotstox…

Hotstox racing

About V8 Hotstox

Tracks feature two different surfaces, shale and tarmac, but whatever the surface, they all feature two straights and two turns to form an oval, surrounded by a safety barrier. Races consist of 16 lap heats and 20 lap finals, with each meeting including two heats plus a final, which is for double points, followed by a Grand National. Cars are split into five groups according to experience and points, with novices (usually the newest drivers), who can’t be hit, starting from the back of the grid to gain experience.

White tops are the lowest point scorers, but as they earn more points the grades ascend and they are represented by different colour roofs. Yellow follows White, then Blue, Red and finally the Super Star grade, which have amber flashing lights added to their red roof. White tops start at the front followed by each grade, with Super Stars at the back of the field. Drivers can use force to pass the car in front and gain position, and it’s the contact that attracts both drivers and fans to Hotstox racing!

It requires great skill to deliver and withstand the hits that are part of this formula and the winner is the first driver to complete race distance.


Camey Dorrell #262 had her debut season in 2021, winning her first race! She gained some valuable experience and proved her potential throughout the season with some great progress and results. She was awarded her red roof mid-season 2021 and secured numerous fans as she displayed her thrilling driving skills.

Camey Dorrell

Overview of Camey’s Debut Season

At Buxton’s European Championship, Camey took three race wins out of four, which unfortunately made her a marked woman in the Championship and she was taken out on the first corner. Camey restarted at the back of the field, but made her way back up to take 6th place with some forceful driving and took the last race with a controlled drive.

Camey was proud to qualify for 5th row position-start in the World Final Championship, but sadly had to retire during the race due to technical issues. She earned more valuable points in Birmingham, before a blustery meeting in Buxton saw her place 5th, 7th, 5th and 4th!

Camey finished the season with a total of 196 national points, 5 race wins and an overall position of 9th out of 43 racers! For a debut season it was one hell of a ride and the whole CarTakeBack team were so proud of what she’d achieved.


The CarTakeBack team first came to hear about Camey through a colleague who’s been a huge stock car fan for many years, spotting her potential early in her racing career at National Ministox, which she raced from age 10 to 16. As the daughter of renowned Brisca F1 Stock Car, Grand Prix Midgets and circuit racing driver Clinton Dorrell, Camey also has some serious racing heritage.

Watching Camey’s inspirational performances on the track, and finding that she was just as brave and capable off the track, made her the perfect candidate for CarTakeBack’s support. We were delighted to continue our sponsorship into 2022 and Camey’s second season has already started with a blast – earning a 2nd place at the first meet of the year. We don’t think those amber lights are far away!

We’ve not only sponsored Camey as an inspiring young female driver making headway in this gutsy contest, we’re also supporting some of the meetings themselves. The next race where you’ll find the CarTakeBack sponsor team taking in the action will be the Scottish meeting in June. We’d love to see you there, or at any of Camey’s races throughout the season, giving your support to this amazing driver and this incredible sport. Full fixtures can be found on the V8 Hotstox website.

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