Strange Road Signs

Posted on 17 January 2017 by CarTakeBack

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The UK has some pretty strange road signs in it's highway code, but we're not alone. Here's a collection of some strange road signs from across the globe, plus some favourites from the UK too! Which is your favourite? Have you got any to add to our list?

Strange Road Signs - Drunk people crossing!


Drunk People Crossing!

South Africa

We wonder what drunken incident made them feel the need to put this warning to motorists up?


Strange Road Signs - Flying People


Flying People?!


Edinburgh’s streets are narrow and crowded, especially near Waverley Railway Station where this sign is. We think this sign is warning drivers that people might be in the road? We aren't sure!


Strange Road Signs - Not So Secret Bunker


Secret Nuclear Bunker

Essex, England

This could be the worst kept secret ever! OK, so we know it's not really a secret anymore, the old decommissioned Cold War bunker is a tourist attraction now. Still it makes for a rather funny sign!


Strange Road Signs - Not In Use


Sign Not In Use

Rural England

Not the most necessary information for a driver. Would it have been better to leave the post without a sign?!


Strangle Road Signs - No Elephants!


No Elephants!


Not the most obvious way to sign for no heavy loads, unfortunate for hitchhiking elephants!


Strange Road Signs - Who Knows?!


Who Knows?!


This road sign has left us totally confused. We can't figure out what this person's meant to be doing or what it is that's prohibited!


Strange Road Signs - Winnipeg Roads


Where's My Exit?!

Winnipeg, Canada

It took us a while to figure this one out. It'd be difficult to work out which exit to take when you're behind the wheel driving!


Strange Road Signs - Plane on a String


Plane on a String

Rural America

This sign was designed for warning drivers that there are low flying aircraft, but it looks a little like the person in the car is taking their plane for a stroll.


Strange Road Signs - Road Surprises!


Road Surprises!

United Arab Emirates

We're excited by this one! Will it be a pot hole, an animal crossing, or a drive in movie?! All we know is there's surprises ahead, we hope it's nothing disappointing.


Strange Road Signs - Falling Cow


Falling Cow


Not your average warning for erosion - beware of cows and rocks falling! Or it could be that they are filming a sequel to Twister…