Top 10 Cartoon Cars!

Posted on 05 May 2017 by CarTakeBack

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In the CarTakeBack office we love any excuse to talk all things car related, this time as it's Cartoonists Day, we've been discussing our favourite cartoon vehicles!

Here's our top 10 animated cars of all time…

Top cartoon cars - Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen

Disney Pixar

With his flashy smile and speeds as fast as light, Lightning McQueen screeched onto the big screen in 2006. As a racing car on the top of his sport, he became very arrogant and had no friends. McQueen ended up in an old town called Radiator Springs where he made new friends and a new team to help him beat his rival. It was so successful there's been Cars 2 and this summer there will be a third instalment of Lightning McQueen, and we can't wait to see what he gets up to!


Top cartoon cars - The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine


The Scooby Doo Gang solved many mysteries in their faithful Mystery Machine. It started in the 70's and children and families still love it today. There's always a twist to the ending and a grand reveal, but we won't reveal the shocking surprises! Not just a TV series there's comics and movies. We do love the Mystery Machine when all the gang pile in and out to discover the new mystery.

Top cartoon cars - The Mean Machine

The Mean Machine


There were many wonderful and creative cars in the Wacky Races. Our favourite was none other than The Mean Machine who's owner, Dick Dastardly was just as mean as his car. The rocket powered vehicle did anything it took to win the race by zooming off and setting up traps and surprises to try and slow his opponents down. Unfortunately Dastardly never crossed that finishing line first even with his schemes and plans, something always went wrong, which he always blamed on his sidekick dog, Muttley.


 Top cartoon cars - The Batmobile

The Batmobile

DC Comics

What more can we say? We love the Batmobile. All the gadgets, flying about and saving Gotham was a close second to the Batman himself. The Batmobile has been upgraded a lot since the comic books in the 1940's, it's now a sleek, technologically filled multi-purpose car that can even defend itself. Batman just has to flick a switch now and the Batmobile starts and drives itself over to him, wherever he needs it.


Top cartoon cars - Jetson's flying car

The Jetsons' Flying Car


 It first came on to our TV screens in 1962, the flying car that got our futuristic family to and from home in their space bubble. It was very ahead of the times and bright colourful cartoons that exploded onto the black and white screens. George Jetson's car was a hit, the theme song even shows how compactible the car was by folding into a briefcase as he walked into work. How great would that be, no more parking charges!


Top cartoon cars - Transformer's Bumblebee


Hasbro Studios

The Transformers were amazing to watch on the TV and then recently they appeared on the big screen. The fast and luxurious cars all turning into great mechanical beings from outer space to save the day. Even though Optimus Prime is the leader of their group, we love Bumble Bee, that yellow sports car and the way he can only speak through the radio is great.


Top cartoon cars - Gru's car in Despicable Me

Gru's Car

Universal Pictures

We're not sure if this is more of a space rocket or a car, but it's definitely the vehicle that Gru uses to drive his daughters to school in! This souped-up gadget filled car would be excellent to jump over the traffic and blast down the motorway. It's all an invention from Gru the lovable villain from Despicable Me. We can't wait for the third instalment to see what Gru gets up to next with those Minions in tow.


Top cartoon cars - Ghostbuster's Ecto 1

Ecto 1

Columbia Pictures

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! The Ecto 1 in the 80's cartoon series was crammed full of scientific paranormal fighting gear to defeat the newest and usually slimiest ghost that has come to wreak havoc over the city of New York. The whole team just manages to fit inside the converted car to race though the traffic and save the day.


Top cartoon cars - Turtle van

Turtle Van

Mirage Studios

Cowabunga dudes! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were looked after from tiny turtles by their Doji Hamato Yoshi, and grew up to be crime fighting Ninja Turtles that mutated to save the day. Their van wasn't just a way for them to get around the city, it was also fitted with manhole exploders, machine guns and just looked way too cool. Whether you're a Michelangelo or a Leonardo fan, everyone loved their van.


Top cartoon cars - Flintstone's car

The Flintstone's Car


Our last and caveman aged car is the loveable Flintstones car. Way back in the stone ages there wasn't much to transport people about apart from dinosaurs, but Fred Flintstone had the very first type of car. It was man powered, Fred just had to put his feet to the ground and just start running. The car was made out of stone, wood, and animal skins and the Flintstones along with their next door neighbours the Rubbles would commute to work. Yabbadabbadooooo!