Top 10 Useless Car Accessories

Posted on 26 April 2016 by CarTakeBack

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April is Inventors Month so we thought we'd take a look at some car accessories and gadgets that have been invented over the years, supposedly to enhance our driving experience, though most are, quite frankly, useless!

Here's our list of 10 useless car accessories...

Useless Car Accessories - Drivemocion Car LED Sign

Drivemocion Car LED Sign

A weird way to let other car drivers know what you're thinking

Emojis are seen everywhere now, but we thought our cars were safe from them. We were wrong! The Drivemocion Car LED Sign lets you display emojis on your car. Using a remote control you can choose to between a range of faces or messages to show in your rear window. Will you be sending the driver behind you a smiley face or an angry one!?


Useless Car Accessories - The Dashboard Vase


The Dashboard Vase

The iconic VW Beetle accessory

Some of us in the office have a bit of a soft spot for these, they might well be a bit of a useless invention but they do brighten up a car dashboard. We reckon a Volkswagen Beetle wouldn't be complete without one!


Useless Car Accessories - Pizza Maker

12 Volt Oven and Pizza Maker

Turn your car into an Italian restaurant

In the CarTakeBack office we all love a slice of pizza, though on a road trip we're all quite happy to pull off at a service station to buy a slice. For those who'd rather enjoy pizza from the comfort of your car then you can cook your own with this oven that plugs into the power socket of your vehicle. We'll have a slice with extra chillies if you're making one!


Useless Car Accessories - In Car Popcorn Maker


In Car Popcorn Maker

Takes drive-in movies to a whole new level

Sticking with the food theme, if pizza's not your thing then you can easily rustle up a snack of popcorn with the In Car Popcorn Maker. If you're using this be sure to put the lid on, we can imagine the mess if you forget!



Useless Car Accessories - Hello Kitty Exhaust


Universal Hello Kitty Exhaust Tailpipe

The car accessory for cat lover

There's a few cat lovers in the office who would think this is actually pretty cool! Wonder how many of them are looking on Amazon right now to buy one for their car?!

Useless Car Accessories - Steering Wheel Tray


Steering Wheel Laptop/Eating Tray

Don't think we've ever thought a tray would be handy whilst in the car

Yes, a Steering Wheel Laptop/Eating Tray, it clips on to your steering wheel for a handy, instant table on the go! It even has a built in cup holder to keep your drink from spilling! We really hope no one would attempt use this whilst driving.

Useless Car Accessories - The Starlight Headliner


The Starlight Headliner

Bring the night sky into your car

Invented as a feature to add to your Rolls-Royce, if you're lucky enough to have one! Each constellation is unique. We must admit it does look quite pretty.

Useless Car Accessories - French Fry Holder


French Fries Holder

With this car accessory your fries are never out of reach

Another one for the foodies out there. The French Fry Holder is surely an essential car accessory for those long car journeys where a stop off at your favourite fast food drive-thru is needed. Shame there's no holder for your ketchup though!

Useless Car Accessories - Car Eyelashes

Car Eyelashes

Help your car see the way

Everyone must have seen some of these blinking at you as you've been driving around town. You can even get them with "crystal eyeliner" now! They have to be one of the most useless inventions for your car, but they do give it a bit of personality.

Useless Car Accessories - Fluffy Dice

Fluffy Dice

Brings good luck to you and your car

The last of our ten useless car inventions had to be these! Whether you like them or not, you've more than likely seen fluffy dice hanging from a rear view mirror somewhere. Invented in the 1950's as a symbol of good luck these have stood the test of time and can still be seen in cars today.