CarTakeBack 15th Birthday

Posted on 20th Nov 2020 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Latest News

15 years of CarTakeBack… and 2020 is the year we can’t party!

When things are hard for so many it doesn’t necessarily feel right to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, but marking achievements and happy events is important to keep all our spirits up and keep going! Here at CarTakeBack you know we’re always looking to share good news, and this year we have a great reason to celebrate – our 15th birthday!

Since the heady days of the first government car scrappage scheme that some of you (and most of us!) can remember well, it’s been a rollercoaster ride. The recycling industry has taken a hit like every other in this pandemic, but we’re a resilient bunch and have had to deal with numerous challenges over the years, including huge fluctuations in scrap prices and the introduction of various stringent laws and regulations. But here we are, fifteen years later, a little bruised around the edges and with a few more grey hairs amongst us after 2020, but going strong, and a huge amount to feel grateful for and proud of as we head into the next decade.

15 years - photo montage

So what’s the secret of our success? Undoubtedly we owe a lot to you, our customers – you’ve shown that you care about responsible car recycling and that you appreciate our professional approach to this business. Thank you. Our network of recycling centres is key to the level of service and the coverage that we’re able to offer, and to every single one of those hard-working business we doth our proverbial cap! As the official partner for end-of-life vehicle recycling to many of the world’s largest car manufacturers, we’ve been honoured to hold their support over the last fifteen years and more thanks is owed to them.

“As Renault, Dacia and Nissan’s official end of life vehicle partner for many years, CarTakeBack have successfully handled the scrapping of thousands of end of life vehicles on our behalf, whether direct from last owners or through one of our scrappage schemes. We have always been impressed with the service we have received and are proud to have CarTakeBack as our professional ‘one stop shop’ for our end of life vehicle requirements.”

Rob Cripps – Manager Homologation & Environmental Legislation for Renault Group in the UK

We are happy to take some credit ourselves of course! We have an award winning customer services team, a tireless bunch looking after everything ‘behind the scenes’, and our management have always stayed ahead of the curve. By identifying industry changes early we’ve been able to make meaningful investment in areas that have resulting in big successes such as meeting government recycling targets of 95% two years early.

As a company we’ve always been adaptable and keen to spread our wings… Back in 2012 we took our car recycling business to the other side of the world (nothing to do with the weather). While both countries speak English, their culture and recycling industries are vastly different to the UK’s and as well as being rewarding, it’s been a valuable experience setting up both networks. In 2015 we started another CarTakeBack a little closer to home this time – in Ireland!

Meanwhile, here in the UK, we’re involved in ground-breaking research into the safe recycling of electric vehicles and their components to ensure our network can provide you with an efficient and environmentally sound service as well as a competitive quote!

With over 6 million cars ‘under our belt’ we hope you can see why the last fifteen years is worth celebrating! CarTakeBack might not be able to host a party right now, but we do want to send a huge thank you to the people, companies and organisations that have worked with us and supported us along the way.

One of our Senior Managers, Ken Byng, had some (not that he’d admit it) emotional words to say about the last fifteen years:

“In these difficult times, I am delighted that we are at least able to celebrate some good news in reaching our latest milestone. The past 15 years have proven both exciting and eventful and I am proud that we have remained at the forefront of the many positive developments our industry has seen. It is a very different world from the one we first stepped into in 2005, and we would not be where we are now without the support of our customers and partners. I’m very much looking forward to the next 15 years, where again we can see great change on the horizon – not least with the advent of volume electric vehicles – and as always we are ready to lead the way with the next set of challenges we face.”

Celebrating 15 Years!

15 Facts About CarTakeBack

  1. We’re the official scrap car recycling partner to major car brands.
  2. The first car recycled through our network was a 1996 Ford Fiesta.
  3. In 2008 we launched the first online instant quotation service for end of life vehicles.
  4. The first car collected by our network was a 1987 Peugeot 205.
  5. Our network recycled 240,000 vehicles during the Government Car Scrappage Scheme.
  6. We’ve collected and recycled cars from Shetland!
  7. We have a car donation scheme – Charity Car.
  8. We operate in Australia,
  9. …and New Zealand,
  10. …and Ireland!
  11. We reached the increased vehicle recycling targets of 95% two years early.
  12. In 2015 we scrapped ex-racing driver Tiff Needell’s old family car!
  13. In 2019 we launched an electric vehicle recycling course with BMRA.
  14. We’ve given away new cars, iPads and car air fresheners to our customers!
  15. We love recycling cars!

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