Lords Committee Make CarTakeBack Recommendations

Posted on 7th Feb 2024 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Latest News

The UK’s electric vehicle strategy needs a ‘rapid recharge’ says Lords Committee

Recommendations have been published following an in-depth inquiry into the Government’s progress on EV adoption. The report says government needs to act quickly, tackling the high cost of new EVs and consumer confidence, the lack of charging infrastructure, and the increased support that is needed for the industry as a whole including investments in EV and battery recycling.

Environment and Climate Change Committee

In October, CarTakeBack’s Ken Byng appeared as an invited expert witness to the Environment and Climate Change Committee at Parliament, where electric vehicles (EVs) and the readiness of the UK for the 2035 zero emission vehicle target was discussed in relation to recycling end of life EVs and their batteries.

Ken joined a panel of representatives from the battery recycling world to specifically discuss end of life electric vehicle recycling and made a clear case for enhanced regulations and increased resources for their monitoring and enforcement, explaining why this is urgently needed to create a level playing field and encourage investment.

Following CarTakeBack’s appearance as an expert witness, the Lords Committee for Environment and Climate Change has published its report ‘EV strategy: rapid recharge needed’.

House of Lords EV Strategy report

Key Recommendations

Baroness Parminter, Chair of the inquiry said. “The evidence we received shows the Government must do more – and quickly – to get people to adopt EVs. If it fails to heed our recommendations the UK won’t reap the significant benefits of better air quality and will lag in the slow lane for tackling climate change.”

One of the committee’s four Key Recommendations to government is:

‘Invest in UK recycling to ensure that recycling is undertaken by responsible operators, and that the UK is able to recoup as many of the critical materials contained in EV batteries as possible for its own domestic production.’

Specifically, the committee has also recommended:

‘Defra reviews and strengthens the UK producer responsibility regulations for batteries and EVs to ensure compliance with manufacturer take-back schemes and to make the manufacturer more explicitly responsible for batteries and EVs at end-of-life.’

Photo of CarTakeBack's Ken Byng wearing a suit speaking in Parliament

CarTakeBack’s Ken Byng reacted to the Committee’s report:

“We had been delighted to be included in this inquiry and see our part of the automotive chain – which is so frequently forgotten – receive the focus and attention it so desperately needs. We are relieved to see our testimony and concerns have been heard and support for the EV recycling industry is part of the key recommendations from the committee. As Baroness Parminter identified, unless the government acts swiftly, the UK will struggle to meet the 2050 net zero target. With the talent available throughout the country’s automotive industry, and tangible support from government, we should be aiming to achieve a true circular economy well before that deadline.

Watch the initial committee event in full, or forward to view specific speakers on the Parliament Live website >

Read the committee’s full report including their recommendations >

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