Scrap Car Price Update May 2016

Posted on 31 May 2016 by CarTakeBack

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Our previous post at the end of April highlighted how the average price paid for scrap cars across the UK had clearly begun to rise. This upturn continued throughout the month of May, rising a further 15% on our latest index. We're now at the levels we saw earlier this year in January. Whether this increase is set to continue or not is another matter. In the last week while prices have continued to strengthen in certain parts of the country, in other areas we've seen prices begin to falter.

UK scrap car values from May 2015 to May 2016

About CarTakeBack's Scrap Car Price Index

The CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Index is a rolling monthly index covering the last 13 months. It's updated monthly using the prices paid for scrap cars at CarTakeBack recycling centres throughout the UK. The prices are shown as a percentage, using the first month as the base price.

We've taken into account that cars come in all shapes and sizes, which has an effect on their scrap value, by adjusting the prices to show what the average car would be worth. This means that the index gives a great indication of the movement in the value of scrap cars from one month to another.

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So, just how much is a car worth in your area of the UK? Are there any salvageable bits and pieces that could make it worth more than the value as scrap metal alone? It takes seconds to find out - just enter your car details and location.