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If you want to sell your scrap car in Happisburgh, Norfolk, CarTakeBack can help! We buy scrap and old cars, from pristine motors to old bangers. We can tell you how much your car is worth in an instant when you enter your postcode and the registration of the car you're selling, and that price will be valid for seven days.

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About our Happisburgh branch

Our Happisburgh branch is convenient for Great Yarmouth, Norwich, and anywhere along the coast of north Norfolk. If you choose to drop your car off why not make a day of it with a visit to the beach?! If you can't get your car to us, we can collect your car from anywhere across Norfolk.

We collect cars from Happisburgh and surrounding areas

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CarTakeBack - Happisburgh

Grubb Street, Happisburgh, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 0RH

Environmental permit 71356

Call 0330 066 95 76

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How to scrap your car

Get an instant quote, then we can arrange to collect your car from you, be it at your home address, at work, or stuck in the garage after breaking down. If you choose for your car to be collected we'll contact you and arrange a collection time that suits you. If you would prefer to deliver your car to us, there's no need to make an appointment. We'll send you opening hours, directions and a detailed map, and all you need to do is give us your quote reference number when you arrive to get the price we quoted. As well as giving you a great price for your car, we'll sort the paperwork out for you when we buy it. If your car is to be scrapped, we can recycle it too. It really is easy when selling your car with CarTakeBack!

What cars can I sell to CarTakeBack?

At CarTakeBack in Chester, we can give you a free quote for any car in any condition. With us you can:

  • Sell a car that has failed its MOT
  • Sell a car with high mileage
  • Sell a car without keys
  • Sell a car without a V5C Registration Certificate
  • Sell a damaged car
  • Sell a non-starting car

Please note that factors like the above will affect your quotation, and you will be expected to declare any and all factors when getting your quote. We will also assume your car is free from major damage unless told otherwise.

Reviews of CarTakeBack

Don’t just take our word for it, check out this review from a customer about their experience of selling their car to CarTakeBack...

5 Star CarTakeBack Review

“I was very happy with every aspect of the service I received - everything happened really quickly, with minimal effort on my part. CarTakeBack were very professional and helpful."

– Hugh who scrapped their old Renault Megane

Read more of our customer reviews and find out about our five Star Platinum Trusted Service certification

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Other CarTakeBack branches

If you would prefer to use a different local branch in Norfolk, we are pleased to operate several other accessible branches across the entire area besides Happisburgh. Find out more about all our branches in Norfolk and beyond >