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Need to scrap your car? You can get a quick quote for your car with CarTakeBack, just enter your registration and postcode, it's that simple. CarTakeBack will save you time and effort! We have a local branch in St Boswells.

Once you have your scrap car quote, which is valid for seven days, you can drop your car off at your local branch, just bring your reference number. Or you can arrange to have your car collected at a convenient time, collection is free!

Before visiting our St Boswells branch, be sure to get your free quote first. It takes no time at all and confirms your price!

Local scrap car recycling in St Boswells

If you've decided to sell your car for scrap for whatever reason, we can help you, whether you're in St Boswells, or any of the surrounding Scottish areas.

We are happy to arrange to collect your scrap car from anywhere in the UK, and you can find the nearest CarTakeBack branch to you by entering your postcode in the instant quote form below.

We collect cars from St Boswells and surrounding areas

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CarTakeBack - St Boswells

Charlesfield Industrial Estate, St Boswells TD6 0HH

Environmental permit WML/E/0220045

Call 0330 818 85 50

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Why choose to sell your scrap car with us in St Boswells

When you sell your car with CarTakeBack in St Boswells, the paperwork is taken care of for you. If your car is no longer roadworthy and needs to be recycled, our branch in St Boswells is an authorised scrap car recycling centre, so your car will be recycled to the best and most responsible standards.

What cars can I sell to CarTakeBack?

At CarTakeBack we're pleased to be able to offer a quote for any car in any condition. With us you can even:

  • Sell a car that has failed its MOT
  • Sell a car with high mileage
  • Sell a car without keys
  • Sell a car without a Logbook
  • Sell a damaged car
  • Sell a broken car
  • Sell a non-runner

Please note that factors like the above will affect your quotation, and you will be expected to declare any and all factors when getting your quote. We will also assume your car is free from major damage unless told otherwise.

Reviews of CarTakeBack St Boswells

Don't take our word for it. Take a look what our existing customers had to say about their experience selling their car to CarTakeBack in St Boswells.

“A straightforward and user friendly method of scrapping a vehicle.”

– David Blake, who sold their Mazda 3

“Very easy to use.”

 – Samantha Paterson, who sold their Ford Fiesta

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Nationwide scrap car recycling 

Other CarTakeBack branches near St Boswells

Are you looking to sell your used or scrap car elsewhere in Scotland? We are pleased to operate several other accessible branches across the country. See below for details:

There are many other options available besides these. Find out more about all our branches in Scotland.

Getting a quote from CarTakeBack will find you the best price for your car in the whole of your area, so there is no need to shop around. You know you will get the best price from us.